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Top 3 PE Fitness Activities To Get EVERY Student Moving!

PE fitness activities are a staple of physical education programs everywhere.  The best activities get students moving in meaningful ways and I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. 
Students performing medicine ball exercises

25 Medicine Ball Exercises [Video]

Medicine Balls are a great way to introduce your class to weight lifting! They are available in a variety of weights, offering a challenge to students who are new to training, as well as...
Students performing resistance tubing exercises

Resistance Tubing Exercises: A Complete Workout for PE

Want to get your students a great total body workout but low on storage space for equipment? Try these resistance tubing exercises! Resistance tubing is a great way to add resistance to fitness workouts...
Students performing fitness Bar Exercises

Fitness Bars: A Total Body Workout for P.E. [Video]

A great way to introduce your students to fitness training is to get a fitness bar in their hands! Fitness bars, also referred to as aerobic body bars, take your class workout to the...
Students Jumping Rope - Plyometric Exercises for Elementary PE

How To: Plyometrics for Elementary PE

Hesitant to introduce plyometrics training to your students in your elementary PE class? You may already be doing it and are not even aware that you are! What is Plyometrics? Plyometrics, also known as jump training, includes...
Students participating in adventure programming

Adventure Programming: Adventure Fitness in PE!

If you are a teacher or instructor of children (or anyone for that matter) and you would like to utilize movement activities with a dash of fun, critical thinking and cooperation in some of...

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