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Explore new methods of encouraging overall wellness with fitness and health tips from PE professionals. Discover techniques other teachers use to boost support for their program and how to get parents more involved in their students’ performance while promoting fitness. Learn how to create a clear focus about the objectives and physical benefits of fitness in PE, while empowering your students to be their best.

Create Positive Feelings Toward Fitness With These Tips

https://youtu.be/5yZ68vh0gdw Episode Transcript: People love doing things they can do successfully and physical fitness activities are certainly no exception to that rule, especially when it comes...
Workout Plan

A Comprehensive List: What Every High School Student Should Learn from PE

As PE teachers, we can all agree we want our students to be physically active each day.  That’s the easy part.  The hard part is teaching them the “Why” and teaching them...
Fitness Club

Tips for Starting a Fitness Club at Your School

Reach and teach the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle to more students at your school by starting a fitness club. Continue reading to learn helpful tips and strategies for launching a fitness club...
children running

Focus on Fitness or Intertwine Your Fitness Focus?

For many years there has been a struggle with physical education programs as to whether or not we focus on fitness or continue to teach skills that can also lead to a lifelong physical...
Fitness Programs Poster - Fitness in Physical Education

Incorporating Fitness Trends into Physical Education

P90X®, INSANITY®, FOCUS T-25®... We've all seem these Beachbody® programs advertised on TV or heard about them from a friend, maybe even tried them for ourselves. BUT, how can you incorporate these programs and other fitness trends,...
Family Running - Family Fitness Night

Simple Ideas for Hosting a Successful Family Fitness Night

Reaching only students with the message about the importance of health and fitness isn't enough—parents need to receive the message too! Schools around the country are going for the gold with Family Fitness Nights...

10 Tips for Hosting a Family Fitness Open House

Envision 100+ students and community members coming through your gym one evening to support physical education, health, and physical activity programming. Hear the sounds of joy as students share what they have been learning...

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