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Whether you want to focus on improving aerobic, strength, or flexibility training during PE, learn how to get the most out of your fitness gear with advice found in these blogs. Physical Education teachers offer their fitness tips on incorporating traditional fitness equipment into their curriculum, while also highlighting new ideas on how to use it during class.

Top 3 Tips for Managing Heart Rate Monitors Within Your PE Class

One game-changing piece of technology related to fitness that I have been fortunate enough to use in my teaching is heart rate monitors. In my experience, the introduction of heart rate monitors...

Benefits of Incorporating Heart Rate Monitors into PE

Benefits of Incorporating Gopher Optic Heart Rate Monitors into PE Classes PE teacher, Kelly Koch, has found a new way to motivate her high school students in PE – heart...

Why Heart Rate Monitors are Essential for Your PE Class

Heart rate monitors are a necessity for all Physical Education programs. Several years ago, I may have been the very last person in our Physical Education community to make that statement.
Students performing medicine ball exercises

25 Medicine Ball Exercises [Video]

Medicine Balls are a great way to introduce your class to weight lifting! They are available in a variety of weights, offering a challenge to students who are new to training, as well as...
Students performing resistance tubing exercises

Resistance Tubing Exercises: A Complete Workout for PE

Want to get your students a great total body workout but low on storage space for equipment? Try these resistance tubing exercises! Resistance tubing is a great way to add resistance to fitness workouts...
Slide Board Activities

5 PE Fitness Stations with Slide Boards [Video]

Slide boards are a great addition to physical education fitness stations! Transform classic fitness exercises like mountain climbers, bridge hold/hamstring curl, front lunges, side lunges, and shuffling by adding slide board activities. I’ve also included a...
Tire activity ideas for PE

Training with Tires – 5 Fresh Ideas to Add to Your PE Curriculum! (Video)

Get your students moving with indoor tire-style training designed for beginners! Gopher’s Rainbow® IntroFit™ Flip’T™ Tire Trainers are a non-intimidating, safe way to introduce students to a new weight training method. The Flip’T™ trainers are...
Snowman Lifting Weights - Holiday Themed Fitness Stations

Holiday-Themed Stations for Fitness and Fun!

Staying active and fit during the winter months can be a challenge.  As a physical education teacher, I always enjoyed opportunities to tap into themed activities that...

Enhance Your Power Clean by Mastering this Key Position!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmBie_TldxY&w=560&h=315] The Rack Position is an important position in our Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning Programs as it is the receiving position in both the Hang and Power Clean. It's also a versatile position in...

All Core, All the Time

Check out the video examples below for 3 great core exercises that will help engage your core!  ½ Turkish Get Up The Turkish get up is one of the main exercises I utilize in all of my programs....

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