Fitness Ideas

Discover and incorporate new activities into your PE curriculum with fitness ideas found in these blogs! Learn how other PE teachers organize engaging circuits, while also creating excitement among students with energizing skills drills and fitness games for kids.

Tire activity ideas for PE

Training with Tires – 5 Fresh Ideas to Add to Your PE Curriculum! (Video)

Get your students moving with indoor tire-style training designed for beginners! Gopher’s Rainbow® IntroFit™ Flip’T™ Tire Trainers are a non-intimidating, safe way to introduce students to a new weight training method. The Flip’T™ trainers are...
Fitness words

4 Fun Fitness PE Activities!

As promised in my last blog, the following are fun fitness PE activities to teach students about fitness and provide meaningful fitness experiences. Find many of these...
Students playing with topple tubes

Games, Fitness, and FUN with Topple Tubes!

I was looking for a way to spice up my fitness games and activities – something with versatile equipment that could be used for multiple activities. I came across these...
Students using Fitness Team Building

Creative Ways to Integrate Fitness with Team Building into PE

Fitness can be fun - and it doesn't have to be just traditional fitness! Integrating intentional fitness into every lesson is a goal of my physical education program. I have found it successful to balance...
Bicycle and helmet - biking in PE

Biking in PE: To Ride or Not to Ride?

Biking is a fantastic form of exercise and exposing your students to it is an amazing opportunity, but is biking in PE right for your curriculum? Check out my school's story and some things to...
Deck of Cards for Fitness Card Activities

Luck of the Draw: Endless Card Activities Suit’able for All Ages

Are you tight on space? Do you need a task to keep students moving while waiting to play? Need an idea for classroom teachers to give students “Fit Breaks?” Try Fitness Card Activities! To use...
Family Running - Family Fitness Night

Simple Ideas for Hosting a Successful Family Fitness Night

Reaching only students with the message about the importance of health and fitness isn't enough—parents need to receive the message too! Schools around the country are going for the gold with Family Fitness Nights...

SPARQ: High School P.E. Fitness Class

A few years ago, the coaches, physical education teachers and administration, pulled together to discuss what improvements could be made for our students at our high school.  An anonymous survey was conducted and it...

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