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Learn from the experts how to incorporate strength and conditioning workouts into your PE classes! Find tips on creating stronger bodies, while also discovering new ideas on how to use your existing equipment for more advanced training. Looking for a way to take your students to the next level in strength and conditioning? Find out how SPARQ training can be used to improve their performance both in PE and after-school sports.

Teen doing pull up

5 Fitness Training and Conditioning Tips [Video]

One question that always seems to pop up is, “What’s the best way for me to get back into shape?” or “How do I get in shape for my sport?” I have always tried to...
Students performing medicine ball exercises

25 Medicine Ball Exercises [Video]

Medicine Balls are a great way to introduce your class to weight lifting! They are available in a variety of weights, offering a challenge to students who are new to training, as well as...
Students performing resistance tubing exercises

Resistance Tubing Exercises: A Complete Workout for PE

Want to get your students a great total body workout but low on storage space for equipment? Try these resistance tubing exercises! Resistance tubing is a great way to add resistance to fitness workouts...
Students performing fitness Bar Exercises

Fitness Bars: A Total Body Workout for P.E. [Video]

A great way to introduce your students to fitness training is to get a fitness bar in their hands! Fitness bars, also referred to as aerobic body bars, take your class workout to the...
Split Squat Exercise - Squats

3 Squats You Need to Add to Your Fitness Routines!

Looking to add new exercises to your students' fitness routines? Learn more about the 3 squats that Personal Trainer, Frank Baumholtz, recommends adding to any lower-body workout.  TRX® Single-Leg Assisted Squat: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPYr4zVZZlU] * Shown using the TRX® Pro...

Enhance Your Power Clean by Mastering this Key Position!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmBie_TldxY&w=560&h=315] The Rack Position is an important position in our Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning Programs as it is the receiving position in both the Hang and Power Clean. It's also a versatile position in...

All Core, All the Time

Check out the video examples below for 3 great core exercises that will help engage your core!  ½ Turkish Get Up The Turkish get up is one of the main exercises I utilize in all of my programs....

Top 3: Neck Strengthening Exercises for High School Athletes

The cervical musculature is a neglected region in most strength and conditioning programs. With the recent attention being placed on concussions management protocols, a well rounded strength and conditioning program is essential....

SPARQ: High School P.E. Fitness Class

A few years ago, the coaches, physical education teachers and administration, pulled together to discuss what improvements could be made for our students at our high school.  An anonymous survey was conducted and it...

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