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It’s Time to Start Planning for Fall 2020 [Interactive]

This podcast advocates for teachers to go to administrators with a plan for the fall of 2020.

COVID Safety Protocols for Physical Education

This podcast will share a few back-to-school safety and wellness policies Maria's school has created to help keep the students and staff safe during the pandemic.

SHAPE America’s School Re-Entry Considerations & Other Resources [Interactive]

In this episode, Jessica gives an overview of the school re-entry considerations SHAPE America recently released as a support for teachers as they prepare for re-entry this fall during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jessica also shares other resources and tools teachers may find it useful to support student learning and teacher preparation.

The Foundation of the Movement Education Model [Interactive]

This is the first part of a 4 part blog series that Ross Chakrian created to have teachers become more familiar with the Movement Ed Model within Elementary PE. This first episode in the series will focus on a basic overview of what the Movement Ed Model is and why it is beneficial for both students and teachers.

Reflecting and Preparing for PE This Fall with Jessica Shawley [Interactive]

As we enjoy our summer, Jessica shares about the importance of reflection as a way to prepare for fall, including specifics about what was learned from teaching during the COVID-19 spring term pandemic.

Two Summer Reading Books That Stress the Importance of Physical Activity

In this Physical Education podcast, Chris Nichols shares two books that stress the physical and mental benefits of movement and physical education. Today on...

A Vision for Physical Education in the Fall

As we finish this school year, it is not a bad idea to start thinking about next year and the hopeful return to classes in person....

Create a Talking Bitmoji for Home Learning

In this episode of the PE Express podcast, Shannon Jarvis (pictured above) shares how to create an animated Bitmoji using the free app called iFunFace.

Physical Activity is Different Than Physical Education

The 2019 SHAPE America National Elementary TOY and Gopher Advisory Board member discusses his reflection after 9 weeks of distance learning, and includes the trending topic...

Using Bitmoji to Create At-Home Resources in Physical Education

Use this online Facebook Group to learn how to connect with your students using Bitmojis and a Virtual Classroom. On today's PE Express podcast,...

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