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Offering Activity Options in HS Physical Education | Ep. #17

About five or six years ago, Jason Gemberling's High School Physical Education staff decided they needed to make some changes to try and increase student participation levels.

End of School Year Tips from Dr. Beighle | Ep. #16

As we approached the end of the school year, I have some ideas to make this fun and at times stressful time, productive. As you are...

Physical Education Advice and Contest Winner Announcement | Ep. #15

This is a special episode of the PE Express podcast. We feature a compilation of advice shared from Physical Education teachers around the country.  We...

Field Day: Tips for a Successful Day | Ep. #14

Tips for a Successful PE Field Day I'm going to share field day tips and tricks that will help minimize stress and maximize the...

Thank you for Being a Teacher | Ep. #13

National teacher appreciation week - what a great time to stop and thank a teacher and remind yourself what you've done for all your students. John Steinbeck,...

A New PE Tool for Skill Assessment | Ep. #12

Hey, I'm going to share a few tips for using a teacher checklist as an assessment tool to gather useful data. What is a Teacher Checklist?

The Jigsaw Teaching Method | Ep. #11

Today, I want to talk about using the jigsaw cooperative learning method as one of your teaching strategies in your Physical Education program. The Jigsaw teaching method...

A Go-To Activity That’s Great for All Grade Levels | Ep. #10

If you're looking to add a go to activity to your teaching arsenal, you'll definitely want to stay tuned into this podcast. First things first, we...

Kids are NOT Little Adults! | Ep. #9

I want to talk to you today about kids in physical activity and why they aren't little adults. If you think about it, we've adapted adult activities to...

How to Increase Student Activity Throughout the Day | Ep. #8

We all recognize the importance of getting our students active in Phys Ed class and I think we all do a very, very great job of doing that...

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