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Seconds Pro App: Rotating Groups with Ease! | PE Express Podcast #33

https://youtu.be/dBdNQlhFEdA Getting Started with the Seconds Pro App Okay, let's get started with the Seconds Pro app. This app I...

Fostering Relationships with Students | PE Express Podcast Ep. #32

https://youtu.be/Q7vKevpbmKg Have you ever wanted to connect more with your students or have students connect with the content of your lesson? I have a...

Designing an Effective Instant Activity | PE Express Podcast Ep. #31

https://youtu.be/SHVspMTjek4 I'm going to share with you the process I went through that completely transformed the first five minutes of my class.

Dr. Pangrazi’s Secret to Successful Fitness Circuits in PE | PE Express Podcast #30

https://youtu.be/8Cf1P3-BBJ4 I want to talk a bit about interval training and why it's probably the best choice to use when you're designing fitness routines for...

How to Maximize Student Confidence in PE | PE Express Podcast #29

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlzePSjfIo4 I have some strategies for helping students feel more competent and motivated in Physical Education. Motivation is a topic that...

Circuit Training Tips in Physical Education | PE Express Ep. #28

https://youtu.be/EutfofP9ieA In today's podcast, I'm going to talk about a couple of benefits of utilizing circuit training in your Physical Education classes from kindergarten through...

The Benefits of Walking in PE | PE Express Ep. #27

https://youtu.be/oU74nP5mlgk Are you like me and thought you had to push yourself to the point of exhaustion and pain with each workout or else...

Teaching Early Childhood Students to Jump Rope | PE Express Podcast Ep. #26

https://youtu.be/npcQH_I6JiE Today I want to share a few ideas about teaching jump rope skills to your early childhood students. I currently teach at a...

Using Video Analysis in PE | PE Express Podcast Ep. # 25

https://youtu.be/iFwV3bq6D14 Video analysis is a great way to provide students with feedback from gameplay strategy sessions to student skill development and student self analysis, iPads...

Using a Bike Rack Assessment Tool During Fitness Stations | PE Express Ep. #24

https://youtu.be/agOqXhHueaI I'm going to discuss a bike rack assessment tool that can be used during a fitness activity. I've discussed bike racks in...

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