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Kick off your flag football unit with tips on setup and game play from PE professionals like you. Whether you’re looking for ideas on flag football for kids or setting up a rec league, discover action-packed games and lessons in these blogs. Players will learn about the benefits of teamwork, while also developing important skills that carry over into other sports. Have questions about setup? Find out what equipment for flag football you’ll need to get started!


Unique Football Games for Physical Education

Expand your Flag Football unit by incorporating drills that teach hand-eye coordination, agility, moving to open space, and teamwork. The following video examples introduce new football games that students are sure to...

Easy Methods to Enhance Capture the Flag

Take a quick second and think about the most popular Physical Education games you experienced as a kid… I’m sure there’s a good chance Capture the Flag is on your list. ...
Students playing flag footballvideo

A Quickstart Guide to Flag Football Rules

Implement Official Flag Football rules in your PE program with the videos below. This video series includes helpful tips for set-up, gameplay, scoring and common penalties in Flag Football.

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