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Explore the benefits of incorporating floor hockey into your PE curriculum using tips found in these blogs. PE teachers just like you outline the games they play with their students, the floor hockey equipment they use, and the skills learned in the process. Professional advice, concise explanations, and video blogs complete a hat trick of helpful resources.

Floor Hockey Shooting

Floor Hockey Activities for Physical Education [Video]

Floor hockey is a great Phys. Ed. unit that teaches teamwork, coordination and leadership skills. Below are 5 videos of floor hockey activities that work on puck control, passing, and offensive and defensive strategy. Go...

Floor Hockey Fundamentals, Fitness, and Fun!

Floor Hockey is one of our most popular units; the kids love to play it in the winter in the gym. At our school, we teach floor...
Floor hockey goalie

5 Floor Hockey Drills for Beginners [Video]

Floor hockey lead-up games introduce the basic skills, focusing on only one or two skills at a time. This allows the students to build a foundation for each skill, which they eventually apply to...
Floor hockey game

Floor Hockey Skills Championship

One of the hardest things to get students and athletes to understand is that basic floor hockey skills, and the practicing of those skills, is the key to success when it comes to the...
Floor hockey games

5 Skill-Based Floor Hockey Games

Floor hockey is a fun and active sport that’s also great for physical education! Below, I’ve compiled 6 floor hockey games that I love using in my physical education classes.

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