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Looking for a new way to organize lessons and classes? Need help wading through the countless online apps and other resources for PE teachers to find the best option for your students? Teachers just like you share their PE teaching tips to create excitement during class, keep it all organized, and introduce new and exciting activities!

Change is THE word in Education | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #69

Change - It is the word of education. Without change, there is no education. Our job as teachers is to change our students.

Strategies for Making Fitness Fun! | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #68

Episode Transcript: When many people hear the word fitness, the last thing they think of is, enjoyable. It...

Benefits of Incorporating Heart Rate Monitors into PE

Benefits of Incorporating Gopher Optic Heart Rate Monitors into PE Classes PE teacher, Kelly Koch, has found a new way to motivate her high school students in PE – heart...

Measuring Activity Levels with Pedometers | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #67

https://youtu.be/7ph-lNj7-8o Episode Transcript: On today's podcast, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite...

Help 5 High-Need Schools with Big Feats Virtual Race

The Big Feats Virtual Race ends on December 3rd, 2019. Join the MOVEment and register today! https://fast.wistia.com/embed/medias/cn0awob14f.jsonphttps://fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js Gopher is proud...

5 Social Emotional Learning Strategies in PE | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #66

https://youtu.be/0c0DX01vhSY Episode Transcript: Hello everyone. I am your host Derek Severson and today on the PE Express podcast, I'm going to...

How to Collaborate with Teachers to Increase Classroom Activity | PE Express Blogcast Ep....

https://youtu.be/yR7i-ejimhw Episode Transcript: One way to be a school wellness champion is to promote active learning and activity...

What Makes a Great Teacher | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #64

https://youtu.be/B9aKyDcwtp4 Episode Transcript: Throughout my career. I've been really fortunate to be able to watch a lot of...

Creating a Substitute Notebook in PE | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #63

https://youtu.be/7xSw4OVfrQo Episode Transcript: I want to share a tip about preparing a substitute notebook. My substitute notebook is...

Picky Eaters: How to Encourage Healthy Habits | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #62

https://youtu.be/biChzpi7ngY Episode Transcript: Today on the PE Express podcast, we will talk about how to introduce healthy...

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