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Classroom Management

Efficiently managing PE prep and class time can lead to more effective lesson plans. Learn about classroom management strategies other PE professionals use to plan their curriculum, set reasonable expectations, and create connections with students. You can also discover the benefits of following a routine while still having a backup plan.

3 Tips About Electronic Device Safety in Your Locker Room!

Keep your locker room safe for all your students as they get ready for class with these helpful tips. In most cases, every student in your middle...
PE Activities

Finish the Year Strong with 3 Easy Student-Led Activities

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and you know you can’t officially break out the barbecue, swing the golf clubs, or bask in the clear blue skies until you’ve checked off all your...

Using Learning Targets for Effective PE and Student Success 

Educational trends emphasize the importance of conducting lessons with specific learning targets. Many school districts require that daily learning targets are posted. Additionally, there is a wide held expectation that any student can tell an...

4 Essential Concepts to Ensure an Amazing Classroom Learning Environment

There are lots of times throughout my career that I have thought, “If I only knew then what I know now.” Those thoughts are most prevalent when...

Mindfulness and Yoga in Physical Education

I always refer to my roots growing up in a small rural community in Oklahoma. You name the sport, I played it—if that sport was football, basketball, or baseball.  A small town...

Increasing Student Engagement: 5 Fs = an A+

Most teachers whether brand new or seasoned veterans strive to increase their positive classroom culture repertoire. Positive classroom culture, increased student engagement and maximum participation, what PE/Wellness teacher doesn’t want that? What better time...

Class Management: Tips from the Trenches

Whether this is your first year of teaching, or you’ve been at it for a while, following these tried and true class management tips will help keep your program relevant and kids’ needs a top priority.

5 Tips for Effective P.E. Class Management

Hello fellow PE, Fitness & Wellness Teachers, or aspiring movement instructors! As a PE Teacher of 20+ years who evolved into administration as a Principal and K-12 Wellness Director/Athletic Director, I can absolutely attest...

3 Attention Grabbers for Effective Classroom Management!

How many times have you told your students to “FREEZE”, and then had to repeat it 5 additional times just to FINALLY get their attention? Students do not always respond to a simple call for...
Teacher demonstrating effective PE classroom management

7 Essential Tips for Effective Classroom Management in Physical Education

With increasing class sizes in the gym, maintaining order can become difficult if you do not have the proper guidelines in place. Check out my 7 strategies for maintaining order through effective PE classroom...

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