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Kinesthetic Learning

Whether in the gymnasium, playground, or in a classroom—discover how to incorporate kinesthetic learning strategies into every lesson by adding movement. Other PE teachers share their experiences and observations of the positive impact kinesthetic learning has on their students. Discover new ways to integrate more activity into non-PE classes and how to strengthen cross-curricular connections to encourage kinesthetic learners.

Elementary Cross-Curricular Activities – Learning by Doing

What is the best way to support student learning taking place in the regular classroom? Add some cross-curricular activities to your PE lessons, of course! By reinforcing math concepts, spelling, vocabulary, geography, science and...
Students sitting on active seats

Bringing Core Subjects to PE and PE to the Classroom

With the current trend being standardized testing for students as young as 3rd grade, all teachers, including physical education teachers, are being asked to do their part in helping students improve academically. This blog...
STEAM in high school PE

Embracing the STEAM Approach in Physical Education

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) movement is quickly gaining momentum. From specific courses to programs, academies, and entire schools, this approach is taking root in schools all over the world. As...

Full STEAM Ahead in P.E.

Physical education forms part of a multidisciplinary curriculum, but integration doesn’t compromise teaching the concepts important to developing a physically educated individual. (3.7.1 SHAPE America Appropriate Practices.) As physical educators, how do we integrate cross...

Rainy-Day Activities to Keep Students Moving

There are some days that you're left without your gymnasium or field, so how can you keep students moving when physical education is moved into a classroom? I've shared two rainy-day activities that are...
Kids Recess Activities

Recess: Observations, Considerations, and Lessons Learned

From legislatures considering state level laws, to schools examining recess policy, to the release of the CDC documents and suggestions for Strategies for Recess in Schools, recess has received a considerable amount of attention...
STEM Chalk Board

STEAM and Physical Education: Meeting the Curve

Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) programs are popping up in high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools across the country. (Note: Some use the acronym STEM and some include Arts in the...
Deck of Cards for Fitness Card Activities

Luck of the Draw: Endless Card Activities Suit’able for All Ages

Are you tight on space? Do you need a task to keep students moving while waiting to play? Need an idea for classroom teachers to give students “Fit Breaks?” Try Fitness Card Activities! To use...
FITstep™ Pro Uploadable Pedometers

3 Ways Pedometers Enhance Cross-Curricular Connections

If you are looking for more ways to incorporate meaningful technology that makes student learning more efficient, as well as builds bridges with other colleagues using a cross-curricular approach to learning, look no further...

Integrate Brain Breaks at Your School with Technology!

As the evidence supporting the integration of physical activity grows, movements such as Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAPs) are becoming mainstream. With this, the role of the physical education teacher is expanding and many physical...

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