Explore various teaching philosophies and identify innovative approaches you could take during your own PE classes. Because classes, schools, and teachers differ, there is no one-size-fits-all model for teaching Physical Education. Spark excitement in students by discovering new activities and teaching methods to encourage inclusion.

SPARK Class Management Strategies | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #84

Episode Transcript: Class management is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching physical education. Next, learn...

Motivating Students: Making Physical Education an Individual Experience | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #82

Inspiring students to be individuals? In physical education? I have some ideas to share on just how to do this.

Inspire Students with H.O.P.E. | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #80

Episode Transcript: You know hope is a wonderful word and I use it as an acronym to remind...

Using the FISH! Philosophy in Your Classroom | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #77

Episode Transcript: When it comes to building a healthy positive culture in your classroom and in your...

5 Tips to Encourage Physical Activity Beyond PE Class

In spite of more than a decade of effort, childhood obesity rates continue to be on the rise rather than in decline. Childhood obesity is particularly problematic because children that struggle with...

Unified PE: A Choice Not a Mandate

As educators, it is our moral obligation for all students to feel included. There shouldn’t be one group that is considered more special than the rest; they all deserve the same opportunities and experiences in...

Motivating Students with Choice | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #73

Episode Transcript: Giving students choice sounds scary to some teachers, but I have some ideas I think that'll...

Bike Rack Assessments: An Underused Assessment Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if your assessments were efficient, informative, and meshed well with your lessons? While many assessment strategies can be just that, Bike Racks are a unique assessment strategy for...

Incorporating Social Emotional Learning into PE | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #72

Episode Transcript: Social emotional learning is the latest initiative my school district is wanting as teachers to incorporate...

The One Simple Rule of the Gym | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #71

Episode Transcript: On today's podcast, I want to share my one simple rule in the gym. It's something...

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