Explore various teaching philosophies and identify innovative approaches you could take during your own PE classes. Because classes, schools, and teachers differ, there is no one-size-fits-all model for teaching Physical Education. Spark excitement in students by discovering new activities and teaching methods to encourage inclusion.

Motivate Students Using the Meet or Beat Challenge | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #48 Episode Transcript: Today I'm going to talk about the meet or beat challenge as a way to motivate students!

3 Tips for Leaving Substitute Plans in PE!

Sick days, sometimes we don’t want to use them because it is just easier to go to school sick and do our job than it is to leave...

Tips for Hosting a Student Teacher

At some point in your career, you may be asked to host a student teacher. You may or may not be comfortable with a “newbie” coming in and taking over, but I want to...

Incorporating SEL in Physical Education | PE Express Ep. #34 Practicing Responsible, Personal and Social Behavior in PE Today, I'd like to share an easy way...

Fostering Relationships with Students | PE Express Podcast Ep. #32 Have you ever wanted to connect more with your students or have students connect with the content of your lesson?...

How to Maximize Student Confidence in PE | PE Express Podcast #29 I have some strategies for helping students feel more competent and motivated in Physical Education. Motivation is...
PE Activities

Finish the Year Strong with 3 Easy Student-Led Activities

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and you know you can’t officially break out the barbecue, swing the golf clubs, or bask in the clear blue skies until you’ve checked off all your...

Reflecting on the School Year | PE Express Podcast Ep. #23 I'm going to be talking about the teaching practice of reflection and how we might apply that practice over our...

4 Tips for Wrapping Up Your School Year

You’ve made it…the end is in sight. Your school year is ending, and summer is on the horizon! For teachers, this is an exhilarating time of the year. But, before you turn on “auto-pilot”...

What Makes a Great Teacher?

As I sit here toward the end of the week, I am reflecting on all the planning, lessons, teaching, and grading that took place within one week. I find myself reflecting at this point of the...

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