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Set students up for a lifetime of fitness enjoyment by incorporating physical literacy activities into PE classes at an early age. Discover techniques to encourage movement, explore physical activity for kids, and build skills students will use throughout their lives.

Adding the “Physical” to a Literacy Event! [Interactive]

In this Physical Education Podcast, Chris Nichols shares how he took advantage of a literacy school-wide event to teach parents about physical literacy!

Using Learning Targets for Effective PE and Student Success 

Educational trends emphasize the importance of conducting lessons with specific learning targets. Many school districts require that daily learning targets are posted. Additionally, there is a wide held expectation that any student can tell an...
Recipe list for Physical Education National Standards

National Standards: A Recipe, not Dessert

This summer, my wife got hooked on the delightfully polite Great British Baking Contest. According to Entertainment Weekly, the show has "wooed Americans largely for being what so much of American reality TV isn't—nice."...
Children at recess

Students Need Recess: A Clear Link Between Play and Learning

The Benefits of Recess Students are less fidgety and more on taskImproved memory and more focused attentionDevelop more brain connectionsLearn negotiation skillsExercise leadership, teach games, take turns, and learn to resolve conflictsMore...

Kid + Ball = Play

Developing Physical Literacy Through Small Sided Games Our son and his community rep Under 12 soccer team were asked to be ball people at the University National Men’s Soccer Championship last fall, hosted at the...

Understanding Muscular Strength Differences in Children

Kids Are NOT Little Adults Every child is different. K-2 students have short legs in relation to their upper body and head that causes them to have a high center of gravity and make them...

Teaching S.M.A.R.T. Goals in P.E.

How About a SMART Start For Your Students? We all know and understand the basic concept behind a New Year’s Resolution…come up with something that you can do, or stop doing to improve you in...

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