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Safety and Health

Encourage movement and participation during Physical Education classes, while keeping safety in schools at the forefront. Learn about first aid techniques or how to identify potential health issues in students. Teachers can also introduce students to practices that focus on lifelong health and safety.

health. moves. minds. – A NEW SHAPE America Service-Learning Program | PE Express Blogcast...

https://youtu.be/994n1F1On9U Episode Transcript: Health Moves Minds is a NEW service-learning program by SHAPE America that raises funds for...

Yoga in PE: Teaching Tips to Get Started

Having no previous experience or major exposure to yoga in PE was a barrier when I first started teaching. Thankfully, a district curriculum adoption and realignment process...

Joint Health in Children: What You Need to Know

The human body is constructed of various load-bearing structures, including, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints. These structures are dynamically designed to work in symbiosis with one another to perform pretty remarkable tasks, like absorbing...
First Aid Kit

The Importance for First Aid in Health and PE

Have you ever wondered, as physical educators, what influence we have in contributing to the health and medical fields and professions? As physical educators we teach our students many topics such as: dental hygiene, nutrition, drug...
Proper Posture Chart - Back Pain

Back Pain: What to Look for and How to Address It

Back pain have you out of the game? Check out these tips to relieve discomfort! I see students, athletes and clients on a daily basis that deal with back pain.  It’s not always acute pain from...

Hydration: Why Water is Important for Growing Bodies

Up to 60% of our bodies are composed of water....Are your students and athletes consuming enough?  For generations, coaches, teachers, trainers, and nutritionists...
Nutrition Game for Kids

Teaching Nutrition Education in Schools

Nutrition: When, what and how do we teach it? Is teaching nutrition time consuming, too much work, or just simply not worth it? The answer is No! It is...

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