3 R’s to Re-Energize Your Teaching (Video)

The beginning of the school year is a great time to Reflect, Relax, and Remember. These tips will help you re-energize your teaching! REFLECT on your successes in previous years. RELAX and take care of yourself in your way. REMEMBER, relationships are the foundation of EVERYTHING we do.

Run for the Money Fundraiser

One of the biggest struggles for a lot of Physical Education programs is budgetary.  In some cases, teachers are lucky enough to work in a district where they have a budget that is fully...
Nutrition games MyPlate Puzzle

5 Nutrition Games for Physical Education (Video)

Incorporate nutrition concepts and national physical education standards into your classes with these nutrition games! All games align with choose my plate guidelines. Learn more about the nutrition games featured in this video. NutriPlay Harvest Hustle Students work...
Safety First Sign for Student Safety

Keep Students Safe in PE: Tips for Students with Allergies, Asthma, and More!

A student gets stung by a bee and is severely allergic.  A student is suffering from an asthma attack.  A student with a heart condition faints.  These are all nightmares that we all hope...
Dr. Steve Jefferies - Teaching PE

Are We Fiddling While Rome is Burning?

Legend has it that the Roman emperor, Nero, played the lyre while a great fire enveloped Rome in AD 64. Centuries later, the “fiddling while Rome is burning” charge is popularly directed at people...
Students Smiling - Physical Education Programs

Fundamental Principles for High-Quality Health & Physical Education Programs

It’s back to school time and PE teachers everywhere are energized to achieve a well-planned, inclusive, high-quality HPE program. I believe that it is a shared responsibility amongst all staff in a school community to...

Using Student Choice to Increase Motivation!

Anyone have students who do not want to participate in class?  Have you tried just about every trick known to man, outside of bribery, to get those students to participate?  I honestly answered yes...

Joint Health in Children: What You Need to Know

The human body is constructed of various load-bearing structures, including, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints. These structures are dynamically designed to work in symbiosis with one another to perform pretty remarkable tasks, like absorbing...
Human Heart - Heart Disease Prevention

Heart Disease Prevention

We typically have a lesson on heart disease prevention during February to coordinate with our Jump Rope for Heart event. One year, the topic hit too close to home, as one of our coaches had...
Welcome Aboard Sign - PE Funding

Simple Tips for Getting Your Superintendent On Board!

Need to get your Superintendent on board with PE funding? Superintendent, Tim Collins, shares his tips and suggestions for gaining support below! There are several key factors that will force a Superintendent to consider additional PE...

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