Three Motivating Assessment Strategies to Improve Experiences in the Classroom

Take 15-30 seconds and think of the all the feelings you have when you hear the word “assessment.”  What words come to mind?  Now…take 15-30 seconds and think...
Maria Corte providing physical education teaching tipsvideo

Physical Education Teaching Tips from Maria Corte [Video]

Maria Corte is an innovative teacher who has a passion for fitness in Phys Ed! She has developed activities and programs that have engaged her students in physical activity and inspire them to be...
Student activity board to increase MVPA time

5 Tips for Increasing MVPA Time in PE (Video)

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children between the ages of 6-17 participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Physical Education is the main source of...
Pedometer for Tracking MVPA

Tips for Getting Students Excited About Tracking MVPA and Heart Rate (Video)

Wearing chest straps, syncing heart rate devices, and calibrating pedometers can be extra work and very time consuming for your students. Tracking MVPA and activity time is important for measuring growth, but how can...
Motivation Sign - Motivating Students

Motivating Students? I’m not a Sport Psychologist Watch Aaron Beighle explain how to motivate students with P.R.A.I.S.E. Motivation, and the fundamentals of motivating students, is something we know is important, but I think it’s something we...
Student raising hand - Increasing student motivation

Great Tips for Increasing Student Motivation and Attentiveness!

I believe that all successful businesses, and school systems, are always looking for ways to be creative and improve their business or organization.  Great ideas grow into systematic change when the leadership at each...

Music: Increasing Student MVPA and Steps!

Increasing student MVPA and Steps during class with this tip! A HUGE strategy that I use to motivate my high school students is to play loud, fun and powerful music while they move.  My student teacher and I...
Students looking at awards board - Motivating Students

Motivating Students in Order to Promote Positive Behavior

 I quickly survey the class sitting in front of me as I transition from one activity to the next.  Keeping instruction short and sweet is very important to me, so I try my hardest...

The “Meet or Beat” Challenge: 3 Simple Ways to Motivate Students Using Pedometers

Providing an atmosphere that is motivating, encouraging, and safely encourages risk-taking is a challenge we face daily as physical educators. Learn how pedometers helped this PE teacher overcome this challenge!

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