Physical Activity Report Card: Use It to Change Your Corner

When I was a kid I didn’t dread report cards. I heard horror stories of kids getting grounded because of grades and was jealous of other kids...

Three Motivating Assessment Strategies to Improve Experiences in the Classroom

Take 15-30 seconds and think of the all the feelings you have when you hear the word “assessment.”  What words come to mind?  Now…take 15-30 seconds and think...

Increasing Student Engagement: 5 Fs = an A+

Most teachers whether brand new or seasoned veterans strive to increase their positive classroom culture repertoire. Positive classroom culture, increased student engagement and maximum participation, what PE/Wellness teacher doesn’t want that? What better time...

How to Improve Teacher Efficacy in HPE

Teacher self-efficacy plays a critical role in how we think, feel, and behave. If a teacher does not feel confident in his/her abilities, his/her student’s learning experiences can be negatively affected. Here are three tips to improve teacher efficacy in Health and PE.

3 Proven Keys to a Successful School Year in P.E.

If you want to start with success, start small.  Don’t look at the whole year, look at the first month. So here’s your challenge.  Set 3 small goals you feel would be a realistic accomplishment within your first month of school.

3 R’s to Re-Energize Your Teaching (Video)

The beginning of the school year is a great time to Reflect, Relax, and Remember. These tips will help you re-energize your teaching! REFLECT on your successes in previous years. RELAX and take care of yourself in your way. REMEMBER, relationships are the foundation of EVERYTHING we do.

Top 5 PE Tips: Advice for New Teachers

I remember my first year of teaching and thinking I can tackle the world, only to find out that there were things that student-teaching did not prepare me for as well as I had hoped. Here’s a list of 5 tips of advice for new teachers.

THE Most Important Tip for Every New P.E. Teacher

Being a new teacher, I am sure many people want to offer you advice, and it can really be overwhelming. So, let’s cut the list and get straight to THE most important tip for new PE teachers is: establish relationships

Class Management: Tips from the Trenches

Whether this is your first year of teaching, or you’ve been at it for a while, following these tried and true class management tips will help keep your program relevant and kids’ needs a top priority.

Top 5 Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Physical Education

It’s summer break for most teachers right now, a well-deserved time of rest, recreation, and rejuvenation for our tireless teachers! PE and Wellness teachers (and all teachers really) across the land who strive to...

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