16 STEM in the Gym Activities with Makey Makey

What is Makey Makey and why do I use it? Makey Makey, an invention kit everyone can use, is an electronic invention...

Using Google Forms for Physical Education Skill Assessment

As a teacher, you are constantly observing your class and seeing a variety of skill levels displayed by your students.  Why not record those observations and use that data to help drive...

Using Technology for Skill Development and Mentoring Opportunities

Technology in PE? I find it to be an interesting question because most of the people asking me the question are wearing some type of fitness tracker, whether it is a Fitbit or Garmin...

Technology Tips for Physical Education Teachers

To be honest, as a “veteran”, okay….  “old” teacher, the idea of incorporating technology into my existing PE curriculum seemed a bit overwhelming and complicated. I was getting pressure to update my lessons from...
Top 10 Free Physical Education Apps

Top 10 Free Physical Education Apps in 2018

These days, there is an app for everything you need. We gathered the best free physical education apps for teachers to take your teaching to the next level! Check out our recommendations below and...

Wellness and Health Technology: A Gargantuan Step Forward for All!

Technology impacts 21st century learning and assessment in ways that are almost immeasurable. Today’s students have no idea what old school “chalk talk” methods with virtually no technology in the room even looks like....

Leveraging Technology for Grading and Assessment in Physical Education

It’s the end of the grading period and you’re getting ready to fill out hundreds of student report cards.  What are you feeling right­­ now?  If you’re like a lot PE teachers, you’re feeling...

Engaging Young Minds Through Technology in Physical Education

It is no surprise that technology has found its way into every facet of our students’ lives. This next generation, Teaching Technology in Physical Education to “Digital Natives” What does this mean for Health and Physical...
Yoga in Physical Education

Yoga: Strike a Pose in P.E.

What is a “Downward Dog”, “Child’s Pose”, or “Mountain Pose”? The answer by many would be yoga poses, which is correct. But, what is yoga? Some would simply define the term "yoga” as stretching. Others...
Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains step count. Vs. activity time

Step Count vs. Activity Time in PE

Are you tracking step count or activity time in your physical education classes? Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains why activity time is a more fair and accurate measure for students. //fast.wistia.com/embed/medias/smv34lj7gt.jsonp//fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js  

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