Dynamic PE ASAP In-Home Lesson Plans

DynamicPEASAP.com is an excellent resource for free lesson plans that are great for in-home learning. These plans are credible, research-backed and have been proven successful with students.

Some of these activities must be performed outside. If the weather won’t allow students to go outside or if specific equipment isn’t available, visit DynamicPEASAP.com for more than 400 other lesson plan ideas.

While sharing these lessons with parents, I’d also recommend including these strategies to ensure children are successful:

  • Success is a great motivator. Regardless of the activity, start with activities your youngster can perform.
  • Novelty also motivates children. Change activities often and use different pieces of equipment.
  • Do activity in short spurts. Children quickly become fatigued and bored. Stop before both you (parents) and your child become frustrated.
  • Reinforce effort and trying. Pushing for a successful performance will result in frustration. If a youngster fails at an activity several times, move to a different activity and come back to it later.
  • Perform activities outdoors when the weather allows. Aerobic activity is best suited to outdoor areas.
  • As a parent, be positive and share the enjoyment of watching or taking part in your child’s play. Children learn through movement and the social interactions related to movement.

Grades K-2 Lesson Plans:

Kicking, Trapping, Bowling and Rolling Skills

In this lesson, students can work on kicking and ball control as well as rolling and bowling skills. These lessons give students a variety of activities they can practice at home.


Manipulative Skills Using Beanbags

Instead of using beanbags, encourage parents to use a favorite stuffed animal or a small pillow to practice with. These activities are great for teaching balance and coordination skills.


Walking/Jogging Skills

The walking and jogging lesson offers emphasis on developing activity patterns. An educational approach to this lesson teaches students that walking and jogging is a personal activity that offers excellent health benefits. It is an activity that can literally be done for a lifetime.


Manipulative Skills Using Playground Balls

While not every family has a playground ball lying around, they are sure to have a ball they can perform these activities with. Soccer, basketballs or play balls will work great with this lesson.


Grades 3-5 Lesson Plans:

Basketball Skills – Passing, Catching, Dribbling, Shooting

Besides shooting drills, everything in this lesson can be performed at home. This lesson works on student passing, dribbling and catching skills.


Walking Activities

This should be a relaxed lesson with emphasis on developing activity patterns. An educational approach to this lesson teaches students that walking is done without equipment and offers excellent health benefits. Walking can be done throughout the lifespan.


Volleyball Skills – Overhand Pass, Forearm Pass

Volleyball skills can be practiced with any soft play ball. This lesson offers a detailed explanation of the overhand and forearm passes and includes a variety of activities that can be practiced at home.


Grades 5-8 Lesson Plans:

Soccer Skills – Dribbling, Inside-of-the-Foot Pass, Inside-of-the-Foot Trap

Practice dribbling, passing and goalkeeping with the following soccer activities!


Football Skills – Forward Passing, Catching, Centering, Punting

If parents don’t have a football at home, they can use any ball to practice these football skills.


Frisbee Skills

This frisbee lesson offers a detailed explanation of how to throw and catch the frisbee and includes variety of activities that can be practiced at home.


Dr. Pangrazi is an Educational Specialist with Gopher Sport and is a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He was the First Executive Director of the Arizona Governor's Council for Health and Fitness,



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