Fitness Bars: A Total Body Workout for P.E. [Video]

A great way to introduce your students to fitness training is to get a fitness bar in their hands! Fitness bars, also referred to as aerobic body bars, take your class workout to the next level. They are great for building muscle definition and teaching better lifting technique. Add resistance to any movement and help acclimate your students to resistance training. We compiled exercises for a complete physical education class bar workout! In the video playlist above, you’ll find fitness bar exercises for upper body, lower body, core, balance, and flexibility/agility, with a total of 25 fitness exercises!

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Upper Body

Fitness Bars are extremely versatile and offer a great upper body bar workout.

Lower Body

Balance the bar in a rack position or hold the bar for a variety of lower body exercises.


Perform core exercises like V-Up Sit Ups or Balancing Rows.


Use Gopher’s Fitness Bars to either add resistance to balancing exercises or help maintain balance during movements.

Flexibility and Agility

Increase flexibility by using the bar similar to stretching stick. Also, lay the bar on the floor to practice agility movements.




  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post by this post Students will learn how to properly prepare, condition and pace themselves throughout a variety of workouts such as tempo runs, easy runs, interval training!

  2. Nice info, you are right, an exercise bar is a more preferable way to work out with because you can use it in many different ways and even apply weights.


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