Floor Hockey Activities for Physical Education [Video]

Floor hockey is a great Phys. Ed. unit that teaches teamwork, coordination and leadership skills. Below are 5 videos of floor hockey activities that work on puck control, passing, and offensive and defensive strategy.

Go for It: Singles

In Go for It: Singles, the object of the game is to receive the ball, dribble toward the goal and shoot to score! Start with the players lined up behind the cone. The instructor shoots the ball into the field while the first player in line runs out to receive it. Once they get the ball under control, dribble to the flat cone in front of the goal and take the shot.

Hockey Dodgeball

In the game of Hockey Dodgeball, two rows of players shoot balls at a group of runners, who are trying to get through the lane without being hit. Start with two rows of shooters facing each other about 15 yards apart. Runners stand at one end of the center lane and when the instructor says, “go,” the runners will run through the center of the lane while the shooters try to hit their feet with a ball. If a runner steps on a ball, having the stick close to the ground will help them balance. When a player is hit, they are out of the competition. Keep playing until there’s only one runner left.

Rapid Fire Runaround

In Rapid Fire Runaround, the player in the middle of a big circle passes the ball to players around the outside. As soon as the first pass is made, a player in the circle runs around the circle three times. Players count how many passes are made before the runner runs around the circle three times and makes it back to their spot. Remember to keep sticks low and the ball on the ground!

King of the Hill

The object of the game is for players to dribble the ball past the king of the hill and into the goal. If a player scores, they become the new king! It’s really important to control and shield the ball to keep the king from capturing it. So remember to keep the ball close to your blade and on the ground.

Sharks and Minnows

This game will help you with your ball control, dribbling and shielding skills. The two sharks in the middle try to steal the balls from minnows. The minnows try to dribble their balls across the field without getting their balls stolen by the minnows. Ball control is key here! If a minnow’s ball is stolen by a shark, they become a new shark. Play until there is only one minnow left.

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If you have any additional floor hockey ideas, please share in the comment section below!

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