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Teaching kids to live an active and healthy life isn’t an easy task, and one that leaves physical educators with little time to focus on their own growth. That’s why we gathered PE experts to share a quick tip, activity idea or teaching strategy in 3-minute episodes that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. Join us for 2-3 new PE Express episodes each week!

Recent Episodes

Kids are NOT Little Adults! | Ep. #9

I want to talk to you today about kids in physical activity and why they aren't little adults. If you think about it, we've adapted adult activities to kids, oftentimes without lowering baskets, shrinking the size of the balls, ect... Today a little...

How to Increase Student Activity Throughout the Day | Ep. #8

We all recognize the importance of getting our students active in Phys Ed class and I think we all do a very, very great job of doing that on a regular basis. The one thing that we are always trying to figure out...

5 Tips for Instant Activity Success! | Ep. #7

I'm going to share with you five tips that will instantly engage your students as they enter your classroom. Instant activities are activities that students will do in the first five minutes of a PE class. I strongly believe these...

Building Relationships with Colleagues | Ep. #6

We recently had our hundred day celebration at our campus and we worked with the librarian to create an event that was good for everyone involved at our school. I started off each class with a book "A hundred days of school" by...

Assess Students with a Bike Rack | Ep. #5

I want to present a pretty cool strategy for assessment in physical education and we call it a bike rack. To provide a little bit of background, most adult education trainers use what's called a parking lot in their trainings and essentially a parking lot is a large sticky note or a whiteboard and anytime an attendee has questions or comments that don't quite fit in with what currently being discussed, they go to the parking lot and jot down their notes and then the trainer can review those when needed.

9 Net Games to Try Today! | Ep. #4

Whether you're new to teaching net games altogether or are just needing more for your net games unit. I have a resource that I'd love to share with you today.

How Student Behavior in PE Can Affect Teachers | Ep. #3

I was talking with a friend the other day and we got chatting about how kids influence teachers sometimes more than teachers influence kids and thought I'd share a couple of thoughts with you on that today. Hey, here's a thought for you....

Tips for Students Who Don’t Dress for PE | Ep. #2

One of the biggest questions I get asked as a high school PE teacher is what do I do with the students who don't dress out? The Million Dollar Question: Well guess what? This has been the million dollar question I've asked myself over the past 25 years. To be honest with you, I've tried everything as some work just okay and most didn't work at all. What I finally came up with is one that I thought I could live comfortably with and is yet so simple and so easy to manage.

Understanding Children Better in Physical Education | Ep. #1

The willingness to try new experiences and participate in activities is driven by how people feel about their perceived ability level. We call it perceived competence. Perceived competence becomes more specific as students age. Young students, for example, preschool, seven years of age - most of them will tell you that they can do it. "Look, look, look, I've got it." They think they're competent in everything they do. However, that quickly changes. As they enter third and fourth grade, they start to realize that others students are much better than them in some areas and they start to compare themselves to others.

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