PINdemonium & Flyer Bowl Disc Games for PE [Video]

All through my college education, if I wasn’t in class, I was on the field playing Ultimate Frisbee. Sometimes I even stayed on the field playing and didn’t go to class, but shhhh… my mom doesn’t know that. Ultimate is one of my all-time favorite games to play. Once I graduated and accepted an elementary (K-4) PE teaching position, I found that Ultimate was a bit above their heads. In fact, throwing a Frisbee at all was a struggle for my young students. I thought back to my personal PE experience and couldn’t recall how I was taught, other than mimicking an action. I couldn’t even recall learning how to teach kids in any of my college level physical education classes for my degree plan. We played and learned disc games, but teaching cues were never covered, or maybe lessons covered them on the days that I stayed on the field. Here is a short video of a few tricks and tips I’ve learned throughout my career to help teach my students how to properly throw a disc.
Here are two of my favorite and fun games to help students practice aim.


PINdemonium is a game I created a couple of years ago trying to figure out other ways to use our Rainbow bowling set from Gopher. There are two ways to play with the same set up, and my students love that we can mix it up from round to round to keep teams on their toes.
I knew it was a hit after the first day we played, so my students and I named it together coming up with PINdemonium. We love this game and it’s too much fun not to share, so I presented it to other PE teachers at our Texas state conference. My students will be so thrilled to know it’s being shared once again to all of you!

Flyer Bowl

I first shared Flyer Bowl ten years ago on PE Universe.  These awesome kids are now young adults in college – wow, time sure does fly by! My whole career has been about sharing and making all Physical Education programs better. I am constantly learning how to improve myself and our program for my students. Don’t hold on to greatness, share. Watch the Flyer Bowl Video here! So there you have it, two of my favorite disc games for elementary physical education. What teaching tips do you use you in your classes when teaching disc games and skills?

Shannon is a PreK-8 Physical Education Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director in Fort Worth, TX. She is an experienced Presenter and the winner of the Best Activity in America Contest in 2010.


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