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Join us for an interactive learning series with Dr. Pangrazi.
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Personal equipment packs and activities designed for teaching PE during challenging times.
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At-Home Lesson Plans - Selected specifically by Dr. Robert Pangrazi
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Custom Skill Development Cards and Posters Created Specifically for At-Home Learning
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Free Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Professors.
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Most Recent Articles

3 Ways to Engage Local Businesses at School Events!

Fitness events like sports day, field day, or jog-a-thon are great ways to get students moving. They’re also meaningful ways to engage local businesses with your school, which could lead to future collaborations and sponsorship. I’m going to share some creative examples of ways to engage local businesses in your next fitness event.

Teaching Elementary PE: Great Power, Great Responsibility

I will never forget the first time I felt a strong connection with the idea of teaching physical education at the elementary level. I had just begun the clinical portion of the PE program at my university, which allowed me to observe and teach at multiple levels before narrowing my focus for student teaching. When it came time to observe and teach at the elementary level, I was immediately drawn to everything that comes with elementary physical education!

“Do This and Then Do That” Classroom Management Hack [Interactive]

Classroom and behavior management is the key to creating a thriving learning environment for our students. Without great classroom and behavior management, we cannot give our students what they need to become physically literate. An engaging student learning environment is a byproduct of a physical educator’s investment and commitment to becoming a master manager and never settling for anything less than their best.

Three Professions in One – Let’s Unify [Interactive]

In this episode of the PE Express podcast, Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains the three levels of Physical Education and why they differ. He also shares why it’s important to support each other and how criticizing colleagues is hurtful to the profession.

No Equipment, No Problem!

Equipment should not prevent you from doing your job to the best of your ability. Whether you have no equipment or minimal equipment, you can still be a successful and effective teacher. Below are some ideas on how to keep your students moving and learning no matter your budget.

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