The PE Huddle – Episode 1 | Aaron Beighle

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In this week’s episode, Dr. Pangrazi and Aaron Beighle (University of Kentucky) discuss COVID-19 and its impact on physical education teachers. Join us to hear their thoughts and ideas, as well as ask questions.

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  1. Thank you for this PE Huddle. It is very reassuring to hear that my teaching stress & anxiety over all the corona virus related obstacles is common. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  2. Thank you so much!! I wasn’t able to listen live, but am very grateful the the replay option. I’m a 9th grade Physical Education teacher in CA, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your wisdom and insights during this time. I will be sharing the content with the rest of my department!!

  3. Thank you for the PE Huddle. Thank you for offering the replay option. The information was helpful and reassuring that what I am doing is appropriate. I also gained some great information to use moving forward. I will be sending the information to my co-workers. Looking forward to the next episode.

  4. I really appreciate the replay option. This gave me some insight and allowed me to relax a little. Thanks so much and I look forward to the next episode. Stay safe and stay active!!!

  5. Thank you for this very informative video, Dr. Pangrazi! I would like to thank you and your guest, Aaron Beighle, for your support and encouragement during this crisis that we are all experiencing together. I teach High School Physical Education in Flushing, NY to special needs teenagers and it has been very challenging over these last few weeks. The stress and anxiety emanating from my students is apparent daily. It is very comforting to have the privilege of listening to you and receiving your valuable insight. Thank you so much for offering the replay option. It has been extremely helpful and I will definitely be sharing PE Huddle with my colleagues so that they can also tune in. I thank you again for reaching out to us and for your kindness of giving of your time to do this. I am looking forward to Episode 2 🙂 Stay well, safe and healthy!

  6. Dr. Pangrazi,

    Thanks so much for making these videos. You have been such a huge influence on my teaching this past 23 years. I worked for Edsion Schools from 1997-2003 and you and your crew taught me so much. I appreciate you more than you know.


  7. I am enjoying these Huddles.
    I cannot find how to print my certificate for CEU’s.
    I have attended several over the past 6 weeks.
    Can you help me?

    • Hi Linda, if you play the video all the way through (or scroll to the end if you’ve already watched it), there will be a link in the video player to the certificate. This is available on all of the videos.

  8. I watched to PD PE Huddle on 5/15/2020. The certificate says 4/2/2020. I will not get credit for it because it will not be valid for the correct PD time period now. Arkansas gave a waiver for 20/21 School Year that PD will start in May. Can I get certificate with the correct date? I would love to watch the other episodes as well for PD credit.


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