The PE Huddle – Episode 8 | Bo Davenport

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This episode of The PE Huddle features Bo Davenport, a Physical Education Teacher in North Carolina. Bo has been teaching for 19 years and has presented both at the regional and national level. During this episode, Bo will share his insights into COVID-19 and the impact it has had on him as a teacher and his program overall.


  1. Thanks Maria, Bob and Bo: you all made excellent points about how to connect with introverted kids, use of pedometers as accontability measure and pointing out that we are preparing kids outside of the school setting for a life of physical activity. I am going to do a better job of using my pedometers as an accountability measurement when we get back to school. Much appreciated. I hope PE Huddle can continue into the summer; I find myself learning a lot AND getting great reminders about what is important.



  2. PE Huddle has helped me maintain my sanity. I have always felt the social/emotional aspect of a child matters most. Who wants to engage in activity when they have many woes in their life? Living in the inner city there can be many a woe.
    My question is with over a thousand students, how can I incorporate the use of pedometers. I have pre-k thru 8th graders and see my students twice a week for 45 minutes


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