Top 10 Videos from PE Universe This Week!

1. Proper PE Big Kids Challenge – Tennis

by Sean Dineen

See how many ball tosses can you do with a frying pan!

2. Feeling Fit With Coach Foy #14 

by Coach Foy
Coach Foy is joined by Shenandoah Elementary’s Student Of The Year for a fun and challenging workout!

3. Bottle Flip Fever #ActiveHomeChallenge 

by Kalan Garcia
60 seconds, 3 jumping jacks, 2 bottle flips, unlimited competition.

4. Superman Warm-up 

by Tony Oliver
Warm up with a routine fit for a superhero.

5. Cha Cha Slide Plank #AtHomeChallenge 

by Mrs. Triantafillou – PE Fitness Frenzy
A fun take on the Cha Cha Slide that gets the core activated!

6. At-Home Funoodle Fitness Challenge

by Kevin
Use objects found at home to enhance muscular stength and have fun!

7. Beat Mr. Schlemm – Toilet Paper Edition 

by Erik Schlemm
Go from standing to the push-up position while balancing toilet paper on your head!


by Kalan Garcia
This or That with a little Tabata added in. An 8-minute, high-intensity workout.

9. Fitnessgram Pacer Practice 

by Christy Fuller
Practice pacing at home. Complete a “lap” every 10 seconds. Keep going until you can’t make it in 10 seconds.

10. Card Deck Challenge

 by Mary Consiglio
Each color card represents a different exercise. Students do the exercise the number of times that is on the card.


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