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5 Ways to Increase Activity in Phys Ed with Poly Spots (Video)

Posted 9 months ago - by Gopher Community

This is the third blog in our three-part series featuring unique lesson plan activity ideas using essential equipment for Physical Education. For more PE game ideas, visit our blogs that feature hula hoops and bean bags.


Get your students up and moving with throw-down spots! While typically used for markers and boundaries, we’ve compiled 5 fun physical education games using Rainbow® DuoDots™. DuoDots™ are unique because they feature a different color on each side of the spot allowing you to add variety to your activities. The games below can be modified to be played using standard poly spots.

1. Musical Dots


Assign students a color and scatter the DuoDots™ around the gym. Have students walk, run, hop or skip around the play area. Once the music stops, players race to find their colored spot to stay in the game. Remove a spot after each round. Add a challenge to the game by flipping the spots to a new color to mix up the play area! 

2. Flip Spot


This is a great warm up game! Assign players to be on either the warm team (red, orange and yellow) or the cool team (green, blue and purple). Scatter the spots around the play area and have students race around the gym to flip the DuoDot™ over to their team’s color. At the end of a designated time, the team with the most spots with their team’s color facing up is the winner! (Activity Idea – Jeanne Morgan)

3. Pin Protector


Scatter the poly spots around the gym and place one bowling pin on each spot. Assign players to be on the warm team or the cool team. Teams race around the gym trying to knock down the other team’s pins while protecting their own! If a player is able to knock a pin over, they flip the poly spot to their team’s color, set the pin back up and begin protecting it. The team with the most pins under their team’s control after 5 minutes is the winner!

4. Strategic Spot


Players are separated into cold and warm teams. DuoDots™ are placed along the half court line of a basketball court. In a relay style, players run to the poly spots to complete one of three moves:

  • Place their team's colored bean bag on their team's poly spot
  • Remove an opponent's bean bag and bring it back to their team
  • If no bean bags occupy their oponent's poly spot, slip the spot over to claim the sport for their team

The object of the game is to have the most colored bean bags and spots in play at the end of 5 minutes. (Activity Idea - Shannon Jarvis)

5. Twister Tag


Assign players to a color and place DuoDots™ around the gym. Students play tag, but can use their color’s DuoDot™ as a safe spot. Once a student is safe, the tagger must go after someone else. Students can only stay on the poly spot for 5 seconds and must flip the spot over to the other color once they leave. Some teams might have a ton of safe spot options but others might not have any! (Activity Idea - Shannon Jarvis)


Do you have any poly spot game ideas? Join the discussion and comment below to share! 


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