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PE teachers will love this one stop shop for classroom fitness at Gopher Sport for all things Active Healthy Schools™ (AHS)! A positive program with a focus on physical fitness and exercise health provides a roadmap of implementation from discussing AHS with administration to setting up a playground. A program manual and CD with support materials give explicit step-by-step instructions of the program, including teacher reproducible activities and printouts for parents.

When it comes to physical activity in the classroom, AHS playground packs help introductory classes acquire essential fundamental skills and teamwork. Packs come with everything you need to set up 16 playground zones. Create controlled activities with over 100 students participating in self-directed games. From brightly colored hoops to cones, children will keep track of equipment and promote organization in larger groups.

User friendly materials made with ultimate durability make Gopher AHS accessories tough enough to withstand daily use. Classroom and playground activity cards are laminated for long-lasting use and provide variations of activities, complete with a list of equipment needed. Quickly flip through cards and get moving! A communication board offers a visual reminder to make healthy choices within the classroom, school, and outdoor events. Erasable and easy to relocate, this board can follow the action indoors or out.

Shop for Active & Healthy Schools™ and help children move their way to maximum fitness and confidence levels.

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