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AHS™ Classroom Activities Cards


Easy-to-implement classroom activities increase brain activity, focus, and learning by getting kids moving during the school day!

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An important component of the AHS™ Program, these card sets help teachers easily implement vital 3-5 minute health class activities that require little or no equipment. A great way to increase the health of both body and mind. Cards are held together to prevent displacing any cards, and they are available in age-appropriate sets. Includes 20 different age-appropriate activities to implement in 3-5 minute breaks.

For additional information regarding AHS™ Classroom Activities Cards and the Active & Healthy Schools™ curriculum, please visit /resources/active-healthy-schools/.

Age-Appropriate Sets

Tailored specifically for the ages and grade levels that will most benefit from them, sets include easy-to-implement active classroom activities for grades k-2, 3-4, or 5-6. Moreover, each set's activities also come with all the information needed to make sure your classes activity goes smooth and is fun and useful for all students. Each set is designed to promote activities that are both beneficial to students and highly enjoyable for them, giving them a break from regular classwork to have fun and get moving.

Students will have no trouble grasping the concepts addressed on each card, and thanks to the succinct instruction and simple execution behind each activity, they’ll find themselves having fun in no time.

Numerous Activity Options

Each activity outlined on these cards comes with all of the vital information needed to quickly set up and perform that activity, as well as variations, to keep things interesting and exciting. Each card includes equipment needed, starting position, variations, and interdisciplinary ideas that keeps things fresh. For example, if the K-2 set the activity is Popping Bubbles, the card for this activity has the following information:

  • Equipment: None
  • Starting Position: Students are standing in a scattered formation throughout the room.
  1. Students are instructed to "Float" around the room as though they were bubbles
  2. As students move, they should avoid touching other students or objects in the room, which will "pop" their bubbles.
  3. A student who "pops" his/her bubble by touching another student or object will receive a point.
  4. The goal is to finish the game with Zero points.
  • Variations:
  1. Have students use different locomotor movements (hopping, skipping, etc.)
  2. Introduce additional movement challenges, such as walking while doing arm circles or flapping arms like butterfly wings.
  3. Have students move sideways only or backwards.
  • Interdisciplinary Ideas:Introduce the concepts of moving clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW).
  1. Have Students rotate their "bubbles" by a specific number of degrees (90, 180, or 360) or by fractions (1/4 turn, 1/2 turn).


  • AHS™ activities have been proven to increase test scores and decrease children missing class by providing 3-5 minute activity breaks that require little or no equipment.
  • Activities are designed to make it super easy on the teacher, ensuring they have all the needed information.
  • Laminated cards are held together so they won't get lost.
  • These cards are designed to be easy and quick to flip through, making finding your activity fast and easy.
  • Cards measure 6-1/2"L x 4"W (17 cm x 10 cm).
  • Cards fit in your pocket and stay together with a built-in fastener.

AHS™ Classroom Activity Card Options

AHS™ Classroom Activities Cards are available for 3 different grade levels, in 2 series options.

  • Grade Level
    • Grades K-2
    • Grades 3-4
    • Grades 5-6
  • Series
    • Series One
    • Series Two