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AHS Classroom BALLance Sets

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Trade in chairs for stability balls to strengthen your students’ minds and core muscles using active seat packs!

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Improve your students’ attention, concentration, posture, balance, coordination, and more while strengthening their core muscles. Unique BALLance™ Stability Balls feature feet to keep them in place when unoccupied, eliminating the need for extra storage equipment. When students sit on them, the feet retract into the balls, making them slightly unstable and core-engaging. Durable material is burst-resistant up to 500 lb. Convenient sets of 24 Rainbow® BALLance™ Stability Balls allow you to outfit your entire class. PRO packs include BALLance™ PRO Stability Balls, which are twice as thick for twice the durability. Choose Elementary (45 cm) for students up to 4'8"H, Jr (55 cm) for 4'8" to 5'4"H students, or Secondary (65 cm) for 5'5" to 6'H students.