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AHS™ Classroom Stability Ball Packs

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Strengthen your students' minds and core muscles by swapping out chairs for exercise balls in the classroom!

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Improve your students' attention, concentration, posture, balance, coordination, and more, while strengthening their core muscles. Unique BALLance™ Stability Balls feature feet to keep the ball in place when it's unoccupied. When a student sits on it, the feet go away and the ball is unstable and core-engaging. Burst resistant up to 500 lb for safety. Packs include 24 Rainbow® BALLance™ Stability Balls. Choose from 45 cm or 60 cm.

To learn more about the Active & Healthy Schools™ curriculum and how exercise balls in the classroom can help to promote it, please visit https://www.gophersport.com/resources/active-healthy-schools/.

Ongoing Exercise

Swapping out chairs for stability balls in the classroom presents a unique exercise opportunity for students that will train their core and spine, while also promoting attention, concentration, posture, balance, coordination, and more. The body will have to constantly make micro adjustments to keep students in position, which will work to strengthen deeper muscles for overall better foundational support.

Because balls may move or roll, students will have to be engaged in their posture and attentive to their surroundings at all times. These balls keep your posture and your attention in check!

Rainbow® Colors

Rainbow® colors not only look cool in the classroom, they’re also inviting to students and non-intimidating where the prospect of a stability ball for a chair might be. Students can pick their favorite color or a new color each day to keep things interesting and exciting.

Color designations also serve as useful tools in keeping your class organized. For example, having different colored seats makes pairing up students into partner groups fast, quick and easy, and makes sure students are with all classmates, not just friends.

Tailored Options

These packs come in 2 different size choices: either 45 cm or 60 cm. Two sizes make it possible to choose the best-sized chairs for your classroom seating arrangement. Each chair is burst resistant up to 500 lb for complete safety.

AHS™ Classroom Stability Ball Pack Options

AHS™ Classroom Stability Ball Packs are available in Packs of 24, in 2 sizes. Match the stability ball size with your students' height range, as shown below.

  • 45 cm - 5'H and below
  • 60 cm - 5' to 6'H


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