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AHS Playground Activity Pack


Jump right in to 22 different AHS playground ball games with this 300-plus piece equipment pack!

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Keep kids moving and having fun with all the equipment needed to complete the activities featured in Series One and Two of the included AHS Playground Activities Cards. Compact, laminated cards provide step-by-step instruction for engaging and easy-to-implement activities. Easily keep the fun going with more than 300 pieces of equipment. Each pack contains rubber playground balls, cones, hoops, beanbags, bowling pins, and more!

To learn more regarding the Active & Healthy Schools curriculum and how playground activity packs can be leveraged within it, please visit

Full Equipment Selection

These packs provide students with the equipment needed to participate in games featured on AHS playground activity cards. Packs come with over 300 pieces of equipment, keeping your entire class or group active before school, during recess, and after school.

All equipment included in this pack comes in vibrant Rainbow colors that create a fun and inviting environment. This encourages students of any age to pick up equipment and get active! You can also use the colors to create color-coded game variations, expanding the potential for fun.

Huge Potential for Fun

Both Series One and Two Cards are included in this pack, giving students great options to have fun during recess and playground time! Cards are durable and easy to follow, outlining exactly what gear you need to play, how to play, and ways to switch it up. Cards highlighter over 22 great playground activities, with more than 40 variations. All activities are designed to meet the abilities of K-6 students.

Safe Products for Schools, Gyms and Recreation Centers - Gopher SportCHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs.

Pack Includes:

  • Rainbow DuraHoop Flat Hoops, 14” dia, Set of 12
  • Rainbow Performer Rubber Basketballs, Size 5, Set of 12
  • Rainbow Performer Rubber Soccer Balls, Size 3, Set of 6
  • Rainbow Low-Bounce/High-Density Uncoated-Foam Balls, 3.5” dia, Set of 12
  • Rainbow UltraPlay Playground Balls, 8.5” dia, Set of 12
  • Rainbow Nylon Beanbags, 5” sq, Set of 12
  • Gopher Tetherball, 1 Ea
  • Wilson Practice Tennis Balls, 1 Can
  • Heavy-Duty Balloons, Set of 144
  • Rainbow Premiere Bases, Red, Set of 4
  • Rainbow Polypropylene Ropes, 16'L, Set of 6
  • Screamin’ Orange QuickTurn Speed Ropes, 16’L, Set of 6
  • UltraPin Multicolored Sets, 10 pieces
  • Rainbow Plastic Cones, 9"H, Set of 6
  • Active & Healthy Schools Playground Activities Cards, 2 Sets (1 Set Ea Series One, Series Two)
  • Versabag Mesh Bag, Large, 1 Ea


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