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Nutrition Curriculum

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Purchase nutrition curriculum for health and physical education classes from Gopher Sport!

Teachers and coaches push trainees and students toward fitness goals and nutritional goals! Gopher includes a variety of nutritional activities for students sure to keep students engaged. Total nutrition programs aimed to create health-conscious students include food groups, healthy eating, physical activity, and more, tailored to specific age and grade levels from lower elementary to middle school. Teachers will appreciate clearly stated objectives and suggested activities to carry out of the classroom and into the home.

Classic resources such as text teaching K-12 health education using a skill-based approach assists educators with real-life examples in addition to test banks, presentation packages, web resources, and an instructor guide. Aligned with National Health Education Standards, educators will be equipped with valid data.

Gopher caters resources for teens, developing an innovative and well-rounded approach to fitness that discusses nutrition and physical activity through language, math, and science. A variety of teaching tools, from ready-to-use lesson plans to a self-assessment tool that helps student track their activity levels, ensures that health will become a frequent topic of conversation.

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