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The most popular K-6 and 7-12 physical education lesson plan books of all time.

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Build your PE curriculum around cemented ideas and SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education with the help of this comprehensive physical education handbook. From identifying core philosophies, to lesson plans that are targeted and measurable, teachers will be able to take a refined approach to teaching physical education.

The Dynamic Physical Education Program

Dynamic Physical Education (DPE) is a comprehensive curriculum designed to bring students in touch with activities they enjoy and want to learn, and provides the knowledge to maintain a physically active lifestyle into adulthood. Richly illustrated, hardcover Teacher's Textbooks explain how to implement a quality elementary or secondary PE program, improve instruction, and work with students who have disabilities.

Books include detailed activities and strategies for helping students improve their personal health, specialized motor, fundamental motor, and sport skills. And, because the program is directly correlated with current SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education, teachers are able to measure students' achievements with well-defined benchmarks!

Comprehensive Instruction

Elementary. Updated 18th edition Teacher's Textbook incorporates current standards and recommendations. Well-known PE teacher Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains how to implement a quality elementary physical education program, improve instruction, and evaluate students. Elementary Lesson Plans book (paperback, 18th ed.) offers three sets of 36-week lesson plans for grades K-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Each set of lesson plans is tailored to specific developmental levels so students can progress at an optimum rate.

Secondary. Create a positive, motivating learning environment through curriculum full of activities, games, teaching strategies, and instructional cues. Textbook includes suggestions and activities for beginning and experienced teachers. Secondary Lesson Plans book (paperback, 8th ed.) contains a year's worth of three-week units with easy-to-follow activities.

Dynamic Physical Education Book Options

Dynamic Physical Education Books are available in Elementary and Secondary options.

  • Elementary Curriculum
    • Teacher’s Textbook, 747 Pages
    • Lesson Plans, 342 Pages
  • Secondary Curriculum
    • Teacher’s Textbook, 535 Pages
    • Lesson Plans, 484 Pages