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Physical Education Curriculum

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Shop Gopher Sport physical education curriculum and equip PE classes with proper training and technique!

In order to keep PE students moving, physical education teachers create instruction plans with an assortment of activities for students of all ages and skill levels. Gopher curriculum for physical education features all-inclusive packs that lay the groundwork toward a healthy and active student life for years to come.

Gopher PE curriculum includes elementary students all the way up to high school seniors. The beginner curriculum packs promote fundamental skills, with lessons basic enough for kindergartners through fifth graders to grasp. Middle school curriculum introduces more progressive concepts, building on the core ideas developed during elementary school. High school curriculum encourages students to build upon the skills they’ve already learned and take these habits with them into adulthood.

Purchase physical education curriculum gear from Gopher and develop dynamic, informational classes that strengthen students’ love for physical fitness.

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