201 Small Sided-Sports & Games

Unique activities help small groups develop valuable skills.


Small groups of students will benefit from the games detailed in this guide as they develop core motor functions and maximize movement opportunities. Many of these games represent traditional sports that have been modified to include fewer players, giving smaller groups ample opportunity to excel. These small group games are applicable to all K-8 PE programs.

Perfect for Small Groups

PE activities for small groups are designed to focus more attention on each individual student and bring them all together for a more refined level of play as a group. With 201 game options, students will build on core motor functions and cooperative play as they have fun playing games that are scaled for their group size. Team building for small groups starts with each individual, and comes together as a whole as students work together and lend their own efforts to each success-oriented game.

PE teachers, youth recreational leaders, parents, and homeschoolers can all benefit from this guide as they work to instill critical skills in small groups at home, in PE class, at camp, or in other group activities.

Book is 231 pages.

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