Complete PE Plans for Grades 5-12 Book


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Pre-formulated physical education plans give your students a measured, comprehensive approach to learning and mastering the fundamentals and mechanics of a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Built-in evaluation techniques and tools make it easy to monitor student proficiency as you introduce a well-rounded PE curriculum!

A Physical Education Curriculum for Everyone

Spanning 5 sections, 18 sports and fitness focuses, and encompassing an amazing 484 pre-designed lesson plans, this book allows you to take a measured approach to teaching PE without reinventing the wheel for each grade or proficiency level. Each lesson focuses on building a sound foundation of understanding that’s rooted in fundamentals—students will learn both concepts and execution in tandem, making learning appealing to both visual and tangible learners.

Within each lesson there are health and fitness standards that teachers can use to gauge the progress and proficiency of students. These standards are designed for all ages and grade levels, making them easy to implement and assess across the board.

Everything You Need

In addition to 484 comprehensive lesson plans, this book also comes with all of the critical materials you’ll need to help students achieve success. Reproducible study sheets are included for each chapter, giving students a take-home way to master concepts outside of the classroom. A wide array of included resources even allow you to expand beyond what’s offered within the pages of the book, to help shape your own lesson ideas around your students’ needs.


The book is divided into 5 parts and covers 18 sports and fitness topics.

  • About the Second Edition
  • Lesson Finder
  • Part I Introduction
    • Chapter 1. Using Unit and Lesson Plans
    • Chapter 2. Meeting National Standards for Physical Education
  • Part II Fitness Units
    • Chapter 3. Physical Fitness
    • Chapter 4. Fitness Testing
  • Part III Creative Movement and Dance Units
    • Chapter 5. Dance
    • Chapter 6. Educational Gymnastics
  • Part IV Team Sport Units
    • Chapter 7. Basketball
    • Chapter 8. Field Hockey
    • Chapter 9. Flag Football
    • Chapter 10. Lacrosse
    • Chapter 11. Soccer
    • Chapter 12. Softball
    • Chapter 13. Team Handball
    • Chapter 14. Volleyball
  • Part V Individual and Dual Activity Units
    • Chapter 15. Badminton
    • Chapter 16. Golf
    • Chapter 17. Handball (One Wall)
    • Chapter 18. Pickleball
    • Chapter 19. Tennis
    • Chapter 20. Wrestling
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • About the Author

Book is 872 pages. ISBN: 9780736071239.