Everyone Can!

Elementary physical education resource covers developmental needs of everyone.


Assessment-based instruction in this book, with 313 games available, provides an effective way to grow and monitor your students’ skills. The book includes a section on how to meet NCPERID, APENS, and SHAPE America National Standards. 

Students of All Abilities

This text provides you with the methods you need to assess and cater to students of all ability levels. It is an Elementary PE package based on the Achievement-Based Curriculum model. It addresses developmental needs of all students. The text/web package has instructional activities and 313 games, and offers a systematic way to foster learning and meet national standards.

By all students, the authors truly mean all students. Kids who are not developing typically, have disabilities, or have not yet mastered the essential skills for certain activities can all still participate, learn from, and have fun with these activities an games.

An online student resource enhances the information found in the text and provides students with a wealth of classroom materials.


This book features 8 chapters and hundreds of games and activities.

  • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • How to Use This Book and Online Resource
  • Part I: Everyone Can! Achievement-Based Curriculum (ABC)
    • Chapter 1. ABC Program Planning
      • Step 1: Establish a Program Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives
      • Step 2: Assign Program Goal Emphasis
      • Step 3: Determine Instructional Time and Average Objective Mastery Time
      • Step 4: Calculate the Total Number of Objectives Per Goal
      • Step 5: Finalize Program Scope and Sequence
      • Step 6: Create Yearly Teaching Learning Maps
      • Step 7: Identify Objective Assessment Items and Create Scoresheets
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2. Assessment
      • Step 1: Determine What Objectives Should be Assessed
      • Step 2: Select an Appropriate Assessment Instrument
      • Step 3: Score and Record Performance
      • Step 4: Select an Assessment Activity
      • Step 5: Conduct an Assessment Activity
      • Step 6: Conduct Other Forms of Assessment
      • Summary
    • Chapter 3. Implementation Planning
      • Step 1: Set Student Initial and Target Learning Expectations
      • Step 2: Identify Student Learning Needs
      • Step 3: Create Instructional Groupings Based on Focal Points
      • Step 4: Select Learning Activities
      • Step 5: Design Teaching Templates and Student Learning formats
      • Summary
    • Chapter 4. Teaching
      • Step 1: Get Ready
      • Step 2: Maximize On-Task Time
      • Step 3: Apply Essential Teaching Elements
      • Step 4: Put It All Together
      • Summary
    • Chapter 5. Evaluation
      • Step 1: Collect Reassessment Data
      • Step 2: Calculate, Interpret, and Report Student Performance
      • Step 3: Evaluate and Grade Students’ Progress
      • Step 4: Evaluate Your Program
      • Step 5: Use Technology to Aid in Education
      • Step 6: Establish Program Accountability and Justification
  • Part II: Everyone Can! Online Resources
    • Chapter 6. Model K-5 Program Plan
      • Step 1: Develop Program Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives
      • Step 2: Establish Program Goal Emphasis
      • Step 3: Calculate Instructional Time and Average Mastery Time
      • Step 4: Calculate Amount of Content to Include in the Curriculum
      • Step 5: Sequence Content Across the Curriculum
      • Step 6: Create Yearly and Block Teaching and Learning Maps
      • Summary
    • Chapter 7. Using the Everyone Can! Online Resource Materials
      • How to Access the Everyone Can Online Resource
      • Online Resource Menus
      • Selecting an Objective from the Main Menu
      • Exploring the Instruction Materials
      • Using the Online Resources
      • Methods for Printing Posters
      • Other Uses for the Everyone Can Resources
      • Using Everyone Can for Individualized Education Programs
      • Summary
    • Chapter 8. Incorporating the ABC Model Into Your Program
      • Designing an In-Service Program
      • Managing Change
      • Summary
  • About the Authors

Book is 160 pages.

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