Fitness for Life: High School

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Motivate students to adopt healthy lifestyles for lifelong fitness.

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Help your high school students understand and appreciate the importance of personal fitness, and learn the skills needed to develop lifelong habits that promote wellness. From moving correctly to exercising appropriately and beyond, your students will understand how each element of their lifestyle plays into their wellness.

Understanding Core Health Concepts

Incorporating the nationally-recognized standards for fitness and physical wellness by SHAPE America, this book truly lives up to its name, teaching fitness for life to high school students. The book is specifically written for high school students as they enter a transitionary period in their life, moving to college, the armed forces, or into the workforce.

By the end of the text, students should have an engrained understanding of how their activity actions affect their wellness, and should be able to make decisions that positively impact their quality of life in their exercising and activity choices. Using the Stairway of Lifetime Fitness concept and the Physical Activity Pyramid, students will gradually transition themselves to independent, responsible individuals when it comes to managing their physical activity and wellness levels.

As they progress through the book, students will not only learn positive exercise concepts; they’ll also have the ability to put them into action and quantify the benefits. Everything needed for self-assessments—including all of the tests within the Presidential Youth Fitness Program and other programs—is available within the text. Students will even be invited to develop personal goals and plan out their own positive exercise program based on their individual needs, giving them ample opportunity to apply concepts learned in each unit.

Written to Superior Standards

Each unit of this book is designed with the utmost criteria for wellness in mind, as defined by some of the most recognized, nationally-leading accrediting bodies for student fitness. In addition to SHAPE America guidelines, information also conforms to national physical activity guidelines of the USDHHS, exercise prescription guidelines of ACSM, and health goals of Healthy People 2020.

Authors and educators Charles B. “Chuck” Corbin and Guy C. Le Masurier—as well as contributing author and educator Karen McConnell—are also a superior standard for information laid out in the text. Their years of research and applied theory within the realm of student physical education makes this a definitive guide for high school students learning fitness for life.


This book is split into 7 units, each covering 3 core concepts of the overhanging unit focus. A Set of 2 CDs is also available.

  • Unit I. Building a Foundation
    • Chapter 1. Fitness, Health, and Wellness for All
    • Chapter 2. Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle and Self-Management Skills
    • Chapter 3. Goal Setting and Program Planning
  • Unit II. Becoming and Staying Physically Active
    • Chapter 4. Getting Started in Physical Activity
    • Chapter 5. How Much Is Enough?
    • Chapter 6. Skill Learning and Injury Prevention
  • Unit III. Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity
    • Chapter 7. Moderate Physical Activity
    • Chapter 8. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
    • Chapter 9. Vigorous Physical Activity
  • Unit IV. Muscle Fitness and Flexibility
    • Chapter 10. Muscle Fitness Basics
    • Chapter 11. Muscle Fitness Applications
    • Chapter 12. Flexibility
  • Unit V. Healthy Choices
    • Chapter 13. Body Composition
    • Chapter 14. Physical Activity Program Planning
    • Chapter 15. Making Good Consumer Choices
  • Unit VI. Wellness Perspective
    • Chapter 16. Choosing Nutritious Food
    • Chapter 17. Stress Management
    • Chapter 18. Making Choices and Planning for Health and Wellness
  • Unit VII. Moving Through Life
    • Chapter 19. Strategies for Active Living
    • Chapter 20. The Science of Active Living
    • Chapter 21. Lifelong Activity
  • Glossary
  • Index

ISBN: 736066764.

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Fitness for Life: High School is available individually. CDs sold separately.

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