Fitness for Life: Middle School


Explore lifelong health and wellness.

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Give your middle school students a knowledgeable and insightful introduction to body composition, nutrition, sports, flexibility, and more! This book helps young adults focus on achieving physical wellness through the creation of both short- and long-term goals, understanding the importance and drivers of these goals.

Teaching Lifelong Skills

The Fitness for Life: Middle School edition concerns itself with helping students to properly learn about and understand themselves, starting from a physical perspective and continuing through nutrition and lifestyle. The book follows the IDEA formula to lay out concepts, help students internalize them, and encourage them to practice them:

  • I = Integration with academia (teaching the math of calories in vs. energy expended)
  • D = Developmental standards specific to middle school-aged students
  • E = Educational- and pedagogically-sound concepts
  • A = Articulates long-term, habitual concepts that translate to high school and beyond

The text is designed to speak to young adults in a way that realizes their current position in life and connects it to the future. For example, students will learn about biomechanical principles and their effect on physical wellness, allowing them to see how their activities today will shape their bodies of tomorrow.

Within each chapter of the book students will be given the materials they need to truly understand the concepts being taught. “Moving Together” examples use physical activities as springboards for social issues often encountered by middle schoolers, helping to draw connections in students’ own lives. “Take it Home” prompts throughout the book encourage projects for a deeper understanding of special concepts. Chapter review and vocabulary sections further illustrate key takeaways for each lesson.

Included CD-ROM

Accompanying this book is a bound-in CD-ROM, which provides 5 lesson plans for each chapter of the book itself: 2 lessons for classroom sessions and 3 activity plans, used to supplement and reinforce the lessons. Lesson plans follow a 4-step process that’s simple and effective for students to comprehend:

  1. Gathering Information (for classroom lessons) or Instant Activity (for activity lessons)
  2. Lesson Launcher
  3. Lesson Focus
  4. Reflection and Summary

Each stage of the lesson plans feature core elements to demonstrate a thorough, well-rounded concept:

  • Chief objectives
  • Performance outcomes (related to SHAPE America Standards)
  • Activity resources
  • Student worksheets
  • Review quizzes (and answer keys)
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Reproducible study guides


This book is split into 9 chapters, spanning a total of 18 lessons focused on fitness, nutrition, and active living.

Textbook is 144 pages; Guide is 275 pages. ISBN: 9780736065115.

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Fitness for Life: Middle School is available individually as a textbook and guide.

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