Fitness for Life: Middle School Book


Explore lifelong health and wellness through lessons in this book.

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Give middle school students an insightful introduction to body composition, nutrition, sports, flexibility, and more! This book helps them focus on achieving physical wellness through short- and long-term goals, while also understanding the importance and drivers of these goals.

Teach Lifelong Skills

The Fitness for Life: Middle School book helps students learn about themselves, starting from a physical perspective and continuing through nutrition and lifestyle. The book follows the IDEA formula to lay out concepts, help students internalize them, and encourage students to practice them:

  • I = Integration with academia (teaching the math of calories in vs. energy expended)
  • D = Developmental standards specific to middle school-aged students
  • E = Educational- and pedagogically-sound concepts
  • A = Articulates long-term, habitual concepts that translate to high school and beyond

The text is designed to speak to young adults in a way that realizes their current position in life and connects it to the future. For example, students learn about biomechanical principles and their effect on physical wellness, allowing them to see how their activities today shape their bodies of tomorrow.

The 208-page textbook is split into 9 chapters, spanning a total of 18 lessons focused on fitness, nutrition, and active living.


Unit I. Fitness and Activity for All

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Physical Activity and Fitness
    • Introduction to Physical Fitness
    • Introduction to Physical Activity
  • Chapter 2. Learning Skills for Enjoying Physical Activity
    • Learning Motor Skills
    • The Importance of Practice
  • Chapter 3. Moderate Physical Activity
    • Step 1 of the Physical Activity Pyramid
    • Benefits of Moderate Physical Activities

Unit II. Vigorous Aerobics, Sports, Recreation, and Muscle Fitness Exercises

  • Chapter 4. Vigorous Aerobics
    • Step 2 of the Physical Activity Pyramid
    • Benefits of Vigorous Aerobics
  • Chapter 5. Vigorous Sports and Recreation
    • Step 3 of the Physical Activity Pyramid
    • Benefits of Vigorous Sports and Recreation
  • Chapter 6. Muscle Fitness Exercises
    • Step 4 of the Physical Activity Pyramid
    • Benefits of Muscle Fitness Exercises

Unit III. Flexibility, Body Composition, and Planning

  • Chapter 7. Flexibility Exercises
    • Step 5 of the Physical Activity Pyramid
    • Benefits of Flexibility
  • Chapter 8. Body Composition, Physical Activity, and Nutrition
    • Body Composition
    • Energy Balance: Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Chapter 9. Planning for Physical Activity
    • Personal Planning: Self-Assessing Fitness and Physical Activity
    • Personal Planning: Setting Goals, Putting It in Writing, and Reassessing

Chapter Review