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Eat Well & Keep Moving Book


Discover PE activities to promote total participation, self-esteem, and fun for grades 3-8.

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Keeping students moving is a great way to ensure they’re meeting their fitness goals for the day and promoting an active lifestyle. This book outlines 140 high-energy games that are sure to keep students engaged, excited, and active!

Keep Activity Levels High

From skills tests to group games, competitive activities to team building objectives, this 344-page book is the key to creating a lesson plan that keeps students in motion and having fun. Aimed at students in grades 3-8, learn about 140 fast-paced games designed to keep their heart rates high.

This book is designed to boost students' self-esteem and encourage them to get involved. Competitive games are played against the clock, not other players. Skills tests are designed to be scalable to student abilities. Cooperative games teach students to work together, not against each other. Clear objectives make it easy to determine the setup and execution of each game, directions are included to ensure fairness and proper play styles, and diagrams are a welcome visual for deciphering exactly how to get the fun going!





Overview of Web Resource

Section 1. Nutrition and Physical Activity Classroom Lessons and Promotions

  • Part I Classroom Lessons for Fourth Graders
    • Lesson 1 Healthy Living
    • Lesson 2 Carb Smart
    • Lesson 3 Safe Workout: An Introduction
    • Lesson 4 Balancing Act
    • Lesson 5 Fast-Food Frenzy
    • Lesson 6 Snack Attack
    • Lesson 7 Sugar Water: Think About Your Drink
    • Lesson 8 Water Water Everywhere . . . And It’s the Thing to Drink
    • Lesson 9 The Safe Workout: Snacking’s Just Fine, If You Choose the Right Kind
    • Lesson 10 Prime-Time Smartness
    • Lesson 11 Chain Five
    • Lesson 12 Alphabet Fruit (and Vegetables)
    • Lesson 13 Brilliant Breakfast
    • Lesson 14 Fitness Walking
  • Part II Classroom Lessons for Fifth Graders
    • Lesson 15 Healthy Living, Healthy Eating
    • Lesson 16 Keeping the Balance
    • Lesson 17 Safe Workout: A Review
    • Lesson 18 Hunting for Healthy Fat
    • Lesson 19 Beverage Buzz: Sack the Sugar
    • Lesson 20 Go for H2O
    • Lesson 21 Snack Decisions
    • Lesson 22 Snacking and Inactivity
    • Lesson 23 Freeze My TV
    • Lesson 24 Menu Monitoring
    • Lesson 25 Veggiemania
    • Lesson 26 Breakfast Bonanza
    • Lesson 27 Foods From Around the World
    • Lesson 28 Fitness Walking
  • Part III Promotions for the Classroom
    • Lesson 29 Freeze My TV
    • Lesson 30 Get 3 at School and 5+ a Day
    • Lesson 31 Class Walking Clubs
    • Lesson 32 Tour de Health

Section 2. Nutrition and Physical Activity Physical Education Lessons and Microunits

  • Part IV Physical Education Lessons
    • Lesson 33 Three Kinds of Fitness Fun: Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility
    • Lesson 34 Five Foods Countdown
    • Lesson 35 Musical Fare
    • Lesson 36 Bowling for Snacks
    • Lesson 37 Fruits and Vegetables
  • Part V FitCheck Guide
    • Lesson 38 Teachers’ Guide to the FitCheck
    • Lesson 39 Students’ Guide to the FitCheck
    • Part VI FitCheck Physical Education Microunits
    • Lesson 40 Charting Your FitScore and SitScore
    • Lesson 41 What Could You Do Instead of Watching TV?
    • Lesson 42 Making Time to Stay Fit
    • Lesson 43 Setting Goals for Personal Fitness
  • Part VII Additional Physical Education Microunits
    • Lesson 44 Thinking About Activity, Exercise, and Fitness
    • Lesson 45 Be Active Now for a Healthy Heart Later
    • Lesson 46 Be Active Now for Healthy Bones Later
    • Lesson 47 Let’s Get Started on Being Fit
    • Lesson 48 More on the Three Areas of Physical Fitness

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