Great Games for Big Activity Balls

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Have a ball with over 70 inclusive games and activities!

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Get a quick start on a variety of fun and exciting games, using the cage balls you already have in your equipment closet! This guide features upwards of 70 unique games that get your students thinking critically, working cooperatively, and moving around exuberantly! From playground favorites to sport-specific variations, your students will have a blast participating in cage ball games.

Numerous Game Ideas

Cage ball activities are a great way for educators to put a new spin on class favorite games. By introducing a larger ball and modified rules, teachers can keep the spirit of generic games the same, while at the same time adding a fun-filled twist that keeps students engaged and active. This book outlines 70 games that utilize cage balls to their fullest, spread out across 7 areas of focus:

  1. Cooperative games, designed to get your students working together to move cage balls
  2. Adaptations of traditional sports, incorporate baseball, soccer, and basketball
  3. Modified traditional playground games that put a bigger twist on class favorites
  4. Fun-filled track and field adaptations, to keep heart rates and excitement high
  5. Guinness Book of World Record games, where your class can take a shot at setting records
  6. Giant carnival games that combine a lot of skill and focus with a little bit of luck
  7. Water games, designed to make a big splash in your swim unit

Games can be played indoors or out, with students of all age groups. This cage ball activity guide is a prime resource when it comes to adding excitement to your class.

Easy-to-Read Format

Being able to set up for an activity quickly and keeping the game going means having a handy reference nearby that gives you the confidence needed during brand new cage ball activities. This book is a great quick-reference guide that provides detailed game instructions, rules, and diagrams. Teachers will be able to discern game specifications at a glance, while also finding games that are ideal for the current PE unit focus.


This book is divided into 2 parts, with the first part explaining the basics of cage ball activities and the second part detailing more than 70 games that can be played with them.

  • Game Finder
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I. Learning About Big and Activity Balls
    • Chapter 1. Big Activity Ball Games: Huge Benefits, Huge Fun
    • Chapter 2. The Nuts and Bolts of Using a Big Activity Ball
  • Part II. Learning the Games
    • Chapter 3. Big Cooperative Games: Activities Designed for Big Play
    • Chapter 4. Super Sports: Traditional Games Played in a Big Way
    • Chapter 5. Humongous Playground Games: Large-Scale Versions of Favorite Childhood Activities
    • Chapter 6. Big Athletic Games: Large Track-and-Field Events
    • Chapter 7. Ginormous World-Record Challenges: Using Your Big Activity Ball to Earn a Place in History
    • Chapter 8. Very Big Midways: Giant Carnival Games
    • Chapter 9. Making a Big Splash: Playing Water Games With a Big Activity Ball
  • About the Authors

Book is 240 pages.