Heart Rate Training


Become an expert on using heart rate monitors and maximizing training results using this informative heart rate training book.

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Get the most out of your training program by correctly monitoring and assessing your heart rate and more. Learn the functions and features of your monitor, plus how to interpret and apply the data. Sample programs for 8 endurance sports are included.

Incorporate Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training takes the guesswork out of training and explains how, when, and why heart rate monitors should be incorporated into training and conditioning programs. A comprehensive guide for endurance athletes, the book explains the merits, factors, and techniques of training with a heart rate monitoring system. The information found in this book helps athletes take their training and overall athletic performance to the next level in a healthy, sustainable way.


The book contains 16 chapters in 3 sections.

  • Part I: Foundations
    • Chapter 1: Monitoring for Maximum Performance
    • Chapter 2: Evaluating and Customizing Your Zones
    • Chapter 3: Getting the Most from Your Monitor
  • Part II: Training
    • Chapter 4: Targeting Sport-Specific Fitness With Heart Rate
    • Chapter 5: Increasing Aerobic Endurance
    • Chapter 6: Raising Anaerobic Threshold
    • Chapter 7: Boosting Speed and Power
  • Part III: Programs
    • Chapter 8: Designing an Effective Training Program
    • Chapter 9: Walking
    • Chapter 10: Running
    • Chapter 11: Cycling
    • Chapter 12: Swimming
    • Chapter 13: Triathlon
    • Chapter 14: Rowing
    • Chapter 15: Cross Country Skiing
    • Chapter 16: Team Sports

Book is 224 pages.