Instructing Hatha Yoga


Learn the key components needed to become a capable, competent instructor of one of the fastest-growing activities in the world.

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These detailed instructions for 69 asanas (postures) with 300 photos and verbal/visual cues allow anyone to become an effective yoga teacher with a Hatha Yoga book as a guide. Proper alignment, modifications for each posture, charts to identify engaged muscles and kinematics, plus a DVD showing accurate positions are all included.

Build Instructor Confidence

This comprehensive guide to developing the knowledge and qualities of a confident and qualified yoga instructor is a welcome resource for any PE or yoga teacher. The updated edition includes revised poses complete with instructions, a web resource, and sample children’s and prenatal classes.

With more than 300 photos and verbal/visual cues, you will have everything you need to effectively teach basic yoga poses and positions to your class.


The book contains 13 chapters in 3 sections.

  • Poses
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I The Practice of Yoga
    • Chapter 1 Understanding Yoga
    • Chapter 2 Basics of Teaching Yoga
    • Chapter 3 Creating a Class Environment
    • Chapter 4 Breathing and Beyond
    • Chapter 5 Energy and Anatomy
  • Part II Asanas and Adjustments
    • Chapter 6 Sun Salutations
    • Chapter 7 Standing Postures
    • Chapter 8 Seated Postures
    • Chapter 9 Supine and Prone Postures
    • Chapter 10 Inverted Postures
    • Chapter 11 Restorative Postures
  • Part 3 Structuring a Class
    • Chapter 12 Class Framework
    • Chapter 13 Sample Classes
  • Appendix A Sample Relaxation Scripts
  • Appendix B Yoga Resources
  • Appendix C Self-Inquiry Questionnaire
  • Appendix D Yoga Class Evaluation Form
  • Appendix E Sample Classical-Eclectic Hatha Course Syllabus
  • Appendix F Chapter Review Answers
  • Appendix G Anatomical Illustrations
  • Glossary
  • About the Authors

Book is 360 pages.