Meeting PE Standards Through Meaningful Assessment


Establish lesson plans and standards-based assessments.

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Teach your students the essentials of self-motivation, fitness knowledge, and sportsmanship, all the while quantifying their proficiency and progress in accordance with national, state, and district standards for physical education. This guide helps you communicate objectives clearly to your students and gives you the criteria to measure their adoption of core concepts.

Identify, Introduce, and Execute

Standards-based assessment is a critical way for measuring student adoption of core PE concepts. This guide introduces educators to the 6 central standards of physical education, and spurs program development to meet physical education standards. The 6 SHAPE America-approved standards—identified within the text and presented in the first person for better internalization by students—include:

  1. I Can Move Correctly
  2. I Can Train Myself and Others
  3. I Participate Regularly
  4. I Am Fit
  5. I Play Fairly
  6. I Value PE, Fitness, and Health

Further, the text provides teachers with the evaluation tools needed to show that standards are being properly understood and adopted by students. Game-based assessments are fun for students to participate in, and will yield tremendous insight into their understanding of PE standards. Formative assessments are also available.


This text is broken into 3 sections, with 12 total chapters focusing on defining, projecting, and assessing core PE standards.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Part I. Introduction to Standards-Based Assessment
    • Chapter 1. Getting Started With Standards-Based Assessment
    • Chapter 2. Power Standards
    • Chapter 3. Standards-Based Assessment Strategies
  • Part II. Using Power Standards
    • Chapter 4. Power Standard 1: I Can Move Correctly
    • Chapter 5. Power Standard 2: I Can Train Myself and Others
    • Chapter 6. Power Standard 3: I Participate Regularly
    • Chapter 7. Power Standard 4: I Am Fit
    • Chapter 8. Power Standard 5: I Play Fairly
    • Chapter 9. Power Standard 6: I Value PE, Fitness, and Health
  • Part III. Getting More Out of Power Standards
    • Chapter 10. Assessing Multiple Standards
    • Chapter 11. Assessment on the Run
    • Chapter 12. Differentiated Instruction
  • Epilogue
  • References
  • About the Authors

Book is 147 pages.