PE Digital Library K-5

A complete library of class resources at your fingertips.


Instead of cluttering your office with paperwork or weighty guides that are obsolete after just a few years, this ready-to-use digital library of physical education lesson plans provides you with instruction at a glance! With included diagrams and activity guidelines, it’s easy to grab a tablet or laptop and get class started. Or, if you require handouts or a printed copy of the day’s activity, simply print directly from this library and be on your way.

Easily Accessible Lessons

Leverage today’s modern technologies to reduce your office clutter and make the day’s lesson plan more accessible! This digital package affords you access to more than 200 SHAPE America-approved lesson plans for physical education, designed to teach your younger students the core skills they need to meet national PE standards.

If your PE curriculum already includes tablets for visual instruction, access to this library represents yet another tool for teachers to utilize. It’s easy to carry the tablet around as you monitor student activities, referencing the material as needed. For classroom instruction, a laptop just as easily works for viewing lessons, and can be projected for students to see. If your class is on-the-go or playing outside, teachers can even use a smartphone for quick reference to the day’s lesson guide.

Lessons are organized in a digital hierarchy that makes them easy to locate and access, cutting down on time spent setting up class and affording students and teachers more time spent being active!

Comprehensive Lesson Overviews

Rather than having to create brand new curriculums and day-to-day activities, teachers can rely on this comprehensive library to fuel the best level of engagement among their students. Each lesson plan details hundreds of proven activities and assessments, developed to meet grade-level standards and outcomes for PE students.

Contained within the library are rubrics and metrics designed to assess the depth of learning and the quality of instruction of each lesson plan. Reporting tools are also included, to help involve parents and keep them abreast of their student’s progress throughout each unit introduced.


Physical education lesson plans outlined within this digital library are divided into units of study that align with national standards 1, 2, and 3. Standards 4 and 5 are addressed by secondary objectives within the entire physical education curriculum.

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