Precision Heart Rate Training

Help students in schools better understand the factors affecting heart rate during exercise and the importance of training zones for better performance.


Editor Edmund Burke, former Olympic coach and HRM user for more than 30 years, introduces the basic concepts of heart rate training and training zones to optimize your workouts while staying safe. Learn how to design training programs for 7 fitness activities, including circuit training and group exercise.

Maximize HR Monitor Use

Want to get the most out of heart rate monitors in your PE class and beyond? This book gives you all of the information and resources you need to do exactly that. You will receive specific information about how monitors can be used in different activities, and how users can adjust their training intensity to get the safest, most effective workout possible.


The book contains 10 chapters.

  • Chapter 1. Heart Rate Monitoring and Training, Ed Burke
  • Chapter 2. Better Training with Heart Rate Zones, Ed Burke
  • Chapter 3. Walking, Therese Iknoian
  • Chapter 4. Running, Roy Benson
  • Chapter 5. Cycling, Joe Friel
  • Chapter 6. In-Line Skating, Frank J. Fedel
  • Chapter 7. Multisport Training, Timothy J. Moore
  • Chapter 8. Circuit Training, Wayne L. Westcott
  • Chapter 9. Group Exercise, Jay Blahnik
  • Chapter 10. Monitoring the Training Effect, James Dotter

Book is 224 pages.

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