Ready-to-Use PE Activities

Complete programs to make PE fun for all students!


Quickly formulate lesson plans and focus on core areas of development with this ready-to-use PE activities guide. Easy-to-understand illustrations and step-by-step modules provide classroom teachers and PE specialists with numerous options for building fitness and social skills in physical education.

Quick Lesson Prep

This book features more than 500 clearly illustrated activities, organized into 8 core modules to provide the perfect solution to picking the day’s fitness activities. Simply flip to the module best fitting to the day’s fitness objectives and get your class moving! The core areas of focus in this text are:

  1. Introductory activities, to get students warmed up and acclimated with the basics
  2. Fitness activities, to showcase the importance of an active lifestyle
  3. Movement awareness, to help students get familiar with their bodies and movement
  4. Rhythms and dance, aimed at teaching movement skills and coordination
  5. Gymnastics, for tumbling and range of motion emphasis
  6. Game skills, to help students refine basic motor functions
  7. Special games, for emphasis on unique skills development
  8. Closing activities, designed to offer students a fun cool down after class

With activity options for every focus, slotting these activities into your daily lesson plan is made simple and the outcome is highly effective in helping you meet PE standards and objectives. Best of all, because activities can be organized quickly and easily understood via the text illustrations, setting up doesn’t detract time from your class period.

Multiple Age Volumes

This text comes in 4 distinct volumes, focusing on different age groups. Pick the volume that’s ideal for the age of students you’re instructing and have confidence in knowing that the games within the text are tailored to meet the demands of curricula designed around these students. Options include grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-9.

Because each volume comes from the same set of materials, these books also create consistency across each grade level as students grow older and transition upwards.

Ready-to-Use PE Activity Options

Ready-to-Use PE Activity books are available in 4 grade levels.

  • Grades K-2, 320 pages
  • Grades 3-4, 392 pages
  • Grades 5-6, 432 pages
  • Grades 7-9, 464 pages
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