Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping DVD

An instructor’s guide to teaching rope jumping in a structured, progressive process.


This jump rope DVD is a complete and comprehensive overview of jumping rope—the skills, techniques, mechanics, and variations that come with this simple activity. Whether your students are just learning to turn the rope or they’re twisting and turning between jumps, this DVD will outline the best way to become a master with the rope in hand.

Progressive Learning

The great thing about this jump rope guide is that any student, of any age, at any level of proficiency can watch it to start learning the next step towards success when it comes to jumping rope. For young students who have never even held a jump rope, the introduction of the DVD is all about getting comfortable and familiar with the mechanics of turning the rope and jumping. For students with moderate experience, middle chapters of the DVD explain the fundamentals of more complicate techniques and tricks. For advanced jumpers, later DVD chapters encourage them to take their proficiency to the next level, to master all forms of tricks and games!

In addition to teaching jump rope mechanics, this DVD will also help students identify common errors that may he hindering their progress, while also providing simple tips and tricks that are applicable at any stage of proficiency.

A variety of games and partner activities can also be viewed on the DVD, encouraging students to cooperate with their peers to have a great time in games such as Double Dutch or partner routines.

Expert Instruction

This DVD is compiled and narrated by Rene Bibaud, a five-time world champion of rope jumping who was also lead performer and coach for the Cirque du Soleil! Rene shares her insight into jumping rope with students in a way that’s non intimidating and fun, to encourage confidence. Through personal stories, metaphors, inspiring messages, and motivational tools, students will be encouraged to jump rope at their best!

DVD Sections

The DVD is divided into 10 sections, designed to break down different jump rope techniques, tricks, and games.

  • DVD Section 1 Introduction
    • Rene’s Biography
    • Content of Video
    • Smart Sequencing
    • Teaching Tips
    • Rene’s Philosophy of Learning
  • DVD Section 2 Single-Rope Skills: Series 1
    • Sizing Your Rope
    • Ready Position
    • Swing and Catch
    • Basic Bounce
    • Side Swing
    • Jumping Jax
    • Full Twist
    • Advanced Full Twist
    • Cross
    • Continuous Cross
    • Side Swing Cross
    • Cross-Cross
    • One-Foot Hop
    • Jogging Step
    • Double Jogger
    • Swing Kick
    • Swing Kick Cross
    • Walk the Dog
    • Rope Manipulation Highlights: Where Walk the Dog Can Go
    • Pretzel
    • Pretzel Mastery
  • DVD Section 3 Review and Teaching Tips: Series 1
    • Review Skill Series 1 in “rundown” form with VO quick tips.
      • Teaching Tip—Magic Rope: Making a Magic Rope for a Training Tool
      • Teaching Tip—Importance of Swing and Catch
      • Teaching Tip—Perfect Side Swings
      • Teaching Tip—Young Jumpers
  • DVD Section 4 Single-Rope Skills: Series 2
    • Helicopter
    • Blender
    • Body Wrap
    • Double Up, Double
    • Spread Eagle
    • Cossacks
    • Spread Eagle Cross
    • Cossack Cross
    • Basic Push-Up
    • Push-Up Whip
    • Double Under
    • Double Under Cross
    • Double Unders in a Row
    • Triple Under
    • 180 Turn
    • 360 Turn
    • Mad Dog
    • Kick and Catch
  • DVD Section 5 Review and Teaching Tips: Series 2
    • Review of Skill Series 2 in Rundown Form With VO Quick Tips
      • •Teaching Tip—Personal Best
      • •Teaching Tip—Big Little as an Instant Activity
      • •Teaching Tip—Motivational Tools: Posters and Pencils
  • DVD Section 6 Single-Rope Skills: Series 3
    • Can-Can
    • Can-Can Cross
    • Up and Over Can Can
    • Skier
    • Skier Double Under
    • Bell
    • Bell Moving Sideways
    • Bell Cross
    • Scissors
    • Scissors Backward
    • Watermelon
    • Watermelon 360
    • Texas Star
    • Texas Stars in a Row
    • Pretzel Cross
    • Pretzel Cross Switches
    • Front Back Cross
    • Front Back Cross Double Under
  • DVD Section 7 Review and Teaching Tips: Series 3
    • Review of Skill Series 3 in Rundown Form With VO Quick Tips
      • Teaching Tip—Your Skills Tool Chest
  • DVD Section 8 Freestyle
  • DVD Section 9 Partner Work
    • Side by Side
    • Partner Routine
    • Shared Rope
    • Shared Rope Routine
    • Big Little
    • Big Little Routine
  • DVD Section 10 Long Rope and Double Dutch
    • Run and Leap
    • Rapid Fire
    • Cat and Mouse
    • Jumping Into Long Rope
    • Long Rope Tricks
    • Double Dutch
    • Triple Jumping
    • With a Partner
    • Jogging Step
    • Spread Eagle
    • Basketball Bounce
    • Full Twist
    • Can-Can

DVD is 108 minutes.

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